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Plan 9 - man page for pwd (plan9 section 1)

PWD(1)							      General Commands Manual							    PWD(1)

pwd, pbd - working directory
pwd pbd
Pwd prints the path name of the working (current) directory. Pwd does not guarantee to return the same path that was used to enter the directory. The returned path may be another route through the name space to the same working directory. This behavior will arise when a combination of mounts or binds produces a graph in the file name space tree. Pbd prints the base name of the working (current) directory. It prints no final newline and is intended for applications such as con- structing shell prompts.
/sys/src/cmd/pwd.c /sys/src/cmd/pbd.c
cd in rc(1), bind(1), getwd(2)
A kernel bug sometimes prevents pbd from working when the current directory is a device, in which case pbd returns `.'. PWD(1)