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NEWS(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   NEWS(1)

news - print news items SYNOPSIS
news [ -a ] [ -n ] [ item ... ] DESCRIPTION
When invoked without options, this simple local news service prints files that have appeared in /lib/news since last reading, most recent first, with each preceded by an appropriate header. The time of reading is recorded. The options are -a Print all items, regardless of currency. The recorded time is not changed. -n Report the names of the current items without printing their contents, and without changing the recorded time. Other arguments select particular news items. To post a news item, create a file in /lib/news. You may arrange to receive news automatically by registering your mail address in /sys/lib/subscribers. A daemon mails recent news to all addresses on the list. FILES
/lib/news/* articles $HOME/lib/newstime modify time is time news was last read /sys/lib/subscribers who gets news mailed to them SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/news.c NEWS(1)

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news(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   news(1)

news - print news items SYNOPSIS
is used to keep the user informed of current events. By convention, these events are described by files in the directory When invoked without arguments, prints the contents of all current files in most recent first, with each preceded by an appropriate header. stores the ``currency'' time as the modification date of a file named in the user's home directory (the identity of this directory is determined by the environment variable only files more recent than this currency time are considered ``current.'' Options recognizes the following options: Print all items, regardless of currency. The stored time is not changed. Report the names of the current items without printing their contents, and without changing the stored time. Report how many current items exist without printing their names or contents, and without changing the stored time. It is useful to include such an invocation of news in one's file, or in the system's All other arguments are assumed to be specific news items that are to be printed. If an interrupt is typed during the printing of a news item, printing stops and the next item is started. Another interrupt within one second of the first causes the program to terminate. EXTERNAL INFLUENCES
International Code Set Support Single- and multi-byte character code sets are supported. FILES
mail(1), profile(4), environ(5). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE
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