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MOTHRA(1)										MOTHRA(1)

       mothra - retrieve World-Wide Web files

       mothra [ url ]

       Mothra  retrieves and displays files from the World-Wide Web, by name or through hypertext
       links.  Web names, called URLs, have a peculiar syntax:


       The part up to the first colon gives the protocol for retrieving the file.  http:,  Hyper-
       Text  Transfer  Protocol,  is the usual way of accessing web files.  file: names a file in
       the local file system.  ftp: and gopher: are standard Internet services.

       // begins the Internet address of the server where the file resides.  The address may con-
       tain  a	colon and a TCP port number, which overrides the default port number for the ser-
       vice.  Next comes a file name.  Finally, the file name may be followed by # and	a  string
       giving a label within the file where the display should begin.

       Mothra  starts with the url given on the command line, defaulting to the environment vari-
       able $url, and finally to file:/sys/lib/mothra/start.html.

       The display contains the last message from mothra, a box where typed  commands  appear,	a
       scrollable  list  of  previously visited files, the title and URL of the current file, and
       the scrollable text of the current file.

       Button 1 selects and displays a file, either from the list of previously visited pages  or
       from a link (indicated by underlined text or a boxed image) in the current file.  Button 2
       shows the URL of a file, but does not retrieve or display it.  Button 3 pops up a menu  of

       save back
	      Place a link to the current file in a `back list' for future reference.

       get back
	      Retrieve and display the back list.

       fix cmap
	      Adjust the display's color map so that images will have correct colors.

       exit   Ask for confirmation and quit.

       The typed commands are:

       g url  Get the page with the given URL.

       s file Save the current file in the given file.

       q      Quit.


       h      Get help.

       When  mothra  retrieves	a  file  that  is not an HTML document (for example a GIF or JPEG
       image), it will start up an appropriate viewer, for example fb/9v (see 9v(9.1)) for  image

       $home/lib/mothra/back.html the back list
       $home/lib/mothra/mothra.url log of visited URLs
       $home/lib/mothra/mothra.err log of error messages, including HTML syntax errors


       ftp: URLs are not supported.
       Files  are  saved in the form received, not in the form suggested by the name in an s com-
       Mothra is distributed in a preliminary state; it has more than its share of bugs.

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