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MORSEEXEC(1)							       MORSE							      MORSEEXEC(1)

morseexec - Run a Python script with the default scene SYNOPSIS
morseexec [options] DESCRIPTION
Directly executes morse with the option exec. Refer to morse for details. Useful as shebang in MORSE's Builder API script (!# /usr/bin/env morseexec). SEE ALSO
morse blender COPYRIGHT
2009-2010, LAAS-CNRS/ONERA ; 2010-2012, LAAS-CNRS 0.5.2 May 14, 2012 MORSEEXEC(1)

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MORSE(1)							       MORSE								  MORSE(1)

morse - A robotics simulator based upon the Blender Game Engine SYNOPSIS
morse [command] [options] DESCRIPTION
Morse, the Modular OpenRobots Simulation Engine, uses the Blender Game Engine to provide a general purpose robot simulator. A robot and its environment are defined in Morse by creating a model in Blender. Actuator and sensor objects are attached to a model, and may be inter- acted with via a variety of middleware protocols. Simulations can be programmed via Python scripts or inside of Blender itself. Currently supported middleware includes YARP, MOOS, ROS, Pocoslibs, as well as a plain socket interface. COMMANDS
[None] Launches the simulator interface with a default scene create filename Creates a new empty scene and launches the simulator interface run filename Runs a simulation without loading the simulator interface exec filename Runs the given Python script with a default scene check Checks the environment is correctly setup to run morse help Displays information regarding the program version Displays the version number SEE ALSO
morseexec(1) blender(1) COPYRIGHT
2009-2010, LAAS-CNRS/ONERA ; 2010-2012, LAAS-CNRS 0.5.2 May 14, 2012 MORSE(1)
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