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MAN(1)											   MAN(1)

       man, lookman - print or find pages of this manual

       man [ option ...  ] [ section ...  ] title ...

       lookman key ...

       Man  locates and prints pages of this manual named title in the specified sections.  Title
       is given in lower case.	Each section is a number; pages marked (2S), for example,  belong
       to  chapter  2.	 If no section is specified, pages in all sections are printed.  Any name
       from the NAME section at the top of the page will serve as a title.

       The options are:

       -p     Run proof(1) on the specified man pages.

       -t     Run troff and send its output to standard output.

       -n     (Default) Print the pages on the standard output using nroff.

       Lookman prints the names of all manual sections that contain all of the key words given on
       the command line.

	      troff source for manual; this page is /sys/man/1/man

	      indices searched to find pages corresponding to titles

	      command to make an index for a given section

	      index for lookman



       The manual was intended to be typeset; some detail is sacrificed on text terminals.
       There is no automatic mechanism to keep the indices up to date.
       Except  for  special  cases,  it  doesn't  recognize things that should be run through tbl
       and/or eqn.

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