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LOOK(1) 										  LOOK(1)

       look - find lines in a sorted list

       look [ -dfnixtc ] [ string ] [ file ]

       Look  consults  a sorted file and prints all lines that begin with string.  It uses binary

       The following options are recognized.  Options dfnt affect comparisons as in sort(1).

       -i     Interactive.  There is no string argument; instead look takes lines from the  stan-
	      dard input as strings to be looked up.

       -x     Exact.  Print only lines of the file whose key matches string exactly.

       -d     `Directory'  order:  only  letters,  digits, tabs and blanks participate in compar-

       -f     Fold.  Upper case letters compare equal to lower case.

       -n     Numeric comparison with initial string of digits, optional minus sign, and optional
	      decimal point.

       -t[c]  Character  c  terminates	the sort key in the file.  By default, tab terminates the
	      key.  If c is missing the entire line comprises the key.

       If no file is specified, /lib/words is assumed, with collating sequence df.



       sort(1), grep(1)

       The exit status is "not found" if no match is found, and "no dictionary" if  file  or  the
       default dictionary cannot be opened.

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