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GAMES(1)										 GAMES(1)

       4s,  5s, ana, mandel, plumb, smiley, life, fsim, clock, catclock, fireworks, swar, festoon
       - time wasters

       games/ana [ fixwords ]
       games/plumb [ level ]
       games/life startfile
       games/catclock [ -c ]
       games/festoon [ -p ] [ -e ] [ -t ] [ -sseed ] [ len ] [ pfn ]

       There are a few games in /bin/games:

       4s, 5s	  Try to fill complete rows using 4-square or 5-square tiles.  Move tiles left or
		  right  by moving the mouse.  Rotate tiles with buttons 1 and 3.  Drop tiles for
		  more points with button 2 or the space bar.

       ana	  Find anagrams for words typed on standard input.  Anagrams can contain  several
		  dictionary words.  The fixwords argument or numbers typed on standard input fix
		  the number of words in the output anagrams.

       mandel	  Compute and display Mandelbrot sets.	Menus on the mouse buttons control  vari-
		  ous things.

       plumb	  Build  a plumbing system. Keep ahead of the advancing oil and don't waste pipe.
		  The level argument lets you start at a harder level.

       smiley	  A game of historical importance.  Type space to shoot, comma to move left,  and
		  period to go right.

       life	  Play the game of life, given an initial position.  There is a library of inter-
		  esting initial positions; the library  is  consulted	if  startfile  cannot  be

       fsim	  Pretend you're flying a Cessna.

       clock, catclock
		  Display analog clocks.  Option -c makes catclock crosseyed.

       fireworks  Hoist the fiery blue peter.

       swar	  Space  war  for  two players called MCI and SPRINT.  One player types a or d to
		  turn left or right, s to shoot, x to enter hyperspace,  and  w  to  accelerate.
		  The  other player uses ;, l, .  and o.  AT&T scores whenever either ship shoots
		  itself or otherwise causes mayhem.  Hyperspace is occasionally fatal.

       festoon	  Traditional radical monoarchate qualitativeness. Now	produces  pictures  (-p),
		  tables  (-t),  and  equations (-e).  The seed can be set to recreate a specific
		  document.  Len is sentence length, and pfn is percent faked nouns (default 0).

	      scores of 4s games

	      scores of 5s games

	      scores of plumb games

	      used by ana

	      miscellaneous files used by plumb

	      interesting starting positions


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