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FACTOR(1)										FACTOR(1)

       factor, primes - factor a number, generate large primes

       factor [ number ]

       primes [ start [ finish ] ]

       Factor prints number and its prime factors, each repeated the proper number of times.  The
       number must be positive and less than 2**56 (about 7.2e16)

       If no number is given, factor reads a stream of numbers from the standard input	and  fac-
       tors them.  It exits on any input not a positive integer.  Maximum running time is propor-
       tional to sqrt(n).

       Primes prints the prime numbers ranging from start to finish, where start and  finish  are
       positive  numbers  less	than  2**56.  If finish is missing, primes prints without end; if
       start is missing, it reads the starting number from the standard input.


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