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DATE(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   DATE(1)

date - print the date SYNOPSIS
date [ option ] [ seconds ] DESCRIPTION
Print the date, in the format Tue Aug 16 17:03:52 CDT 1977 The options are -u Report Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) rather than local time. -n Report the date as the number of seconds since the epoch, 00:00:00 GMT, January 1, 1970. The conversion from Greenwich Mean Time to local time depends on the $timezone environment variable; see ctime(2). If the optional argument seconds is present, it is used as the time to convert rather than the real time. FILES
/env/timezone Current timezone name and adjustments. /adm/timezone A directory containing timezone tables. /adm/timezone/local Default timezone file, copied by init(8) into /env/timezone. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/date.c DATE(1)

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CTIME(2)							System Calls Manual							  CTIME(2)

ctime, localtime, gmtime, asctime, timezone - convert date and time to ASCII SYNOPSIS
#include <u.h> #include <libc.h> char* ctime(long clock) Tm* localtime(long clock) Tm* gmtime(long clock) char* asctime(Tm *tm) /env/timezone DESCRIPTION
Ctime converts a time clock such as returned by time(2) into ASCII (sic) and returns a pointer to a 30-byte string in the following form. All the fields have constant width. Wed Aug 5 01:07:47 EST 1973 Localtime and gmtime return pointers to structures containing the broken-down time. Localtime corrects for the time zone and possible day- light savings time; gmtime converts directly to GMT. Asctime converts a broken-down time to ASCII and returns a pointer to a 30-byte string. typedef struct { int sec; /* seconds (range 0..59) */ int min; /* minutes (0..59) */ int hour; /* hours (0..23) */ int mday; /* day of the month (1..31) */ int mon; /* month of the year (0..11) */ int year; /* year A.D. - 1900 */ int wday; /* day of week (0..6, Sunday = 0) */ int yday; /* day of year (0..365) */ char zone[4]; /* time zone name */ } Tm; When local time is first requested, the program consults the timezone environment variable to determine the time zone and converts accord- ingly. (This variable is set at system boot time by init(8).) The timezone variable contains the normal time zone name and its difference from GMT in seconds followed by an alternate (daylight) time zone name and its difference followed by a newline. The remainder is a list of pairs of times (seconds past the start of 1970, in the first time zone) when the alternate time zone applies. For example: EST -18000 EDT -14400 9943200 25664400 41392800 57718800 ... Greenwich Mean Time is represented by GMT 0 SOURCE
/sys/src/libc/9sys SEE ALSO
date(1), time(2), init(8) BUGS
The return values point to static data whose content is overwritten by each call. Daylight Savings Time is ``normal'' in the Southern hemisphere. These routines are not equipped to handle non-ASCII text, and are provincial anyway. CTIME(2)
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