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DATE(1) 										  DATE(1)

       date - print the date

       date [ option ] [ seconds ]

       Print the date, in the format

	    Tue Aug 16 17:03:52 CDT 1977

       The options are

       -u     Report Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) rather than local time.

       -n     Report  the date as the number of seconds since the epoch, 00:00:00 GMT, January 1,

       The conversion from Greenwich Mean Time to local time depends on the $timezone environment
       variable; see ctime(2).

       If the optional argument seconds is present, it is used as the time to convert rather than
       the real time.

	      Current timezone name and adjustments.

	      A directory containing timezone tables.

	      Default timezone file, copied by init(8) into /env/timezone.


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