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CPP(1)											   CPP(1)

       cpp - C language preprocessor

       cpp [ option ...  ] [ ifile [ ofile ] ]

       Cpp  interprets	ANSI  C  preprocessor  directives and does macro substitution.	The input
       ifile and output ofile default to standard input and standard output respectively.

       The options are:

       -Idir  Same as in 2c(1).

       -M     Generate no output except a list of include files in a form suitable for specifying
	      dependencies to mk(1).  Use twice to list files in angle brackets.

       -N     Turn off default include directories.  All must be specified with -I.  Without this
	      option, /$objtype/include and /sys/include are used as the last two searched direc-
	      tories for include directives, where $objtype is read from the environment.

       -V     Print extra debugging information.

       -+     Understand C++ comments.

       The  output file contains processed text sprinkled with lines that show the original input
       line numbering:

	      #line linenumber "ifile"

       The input language is as described in the ANSI C standard.  The C  compilers  do  not  use
       cpp;  they contain their own simple but adequate preprocessor, so cpp is usually superflu-

	      directory for machine-independent include files

	      directory for machine-dependent include files



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