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CAL(1)											   CAL(1)

       cal - print calendar

       cal [ month ] [ year ]

       Cal prints a calendar.  Month is either a number from 1 to 12, a lower case month name, or
       a lower case three-letter prefix of a month name.  Year can be between  1  and  9999.   If
       either  month or year is omitted, the current month or year is used.  If only one argument
       is given, and it is a number larger than 12, a calendar for all twelve months of the given
       year  is  produced; otherwise a calendar for just one month is printed.	The calendar pro-
       duced is that for England and her colonies.

	    cal sep 1752


       The year is always considered to start in January even though this is historically naive.
       Beware that refers to the early Christian era, not the 20th century.

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