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BUNDLE(1)										BUNDLE(1)

       bundle - collect files for distribution

       bundle file ...

       Bundle  writes  on  its	standard output a shell script for rc(1) or a Bourne shell which,
       when executed, will recreate the original files.  Its main use is for  distributing  small
       numbers of text files by mail(1).

       Although  less refined than standard archives from ar(1) or tar(1), a bundle file is self-
       documenting and complete; little preparation is required on the receiving machine.

       bundle mkfile *.[ch] | mail kremvax!boris
	      Send a makefile to Boris together with related and files.  Upon receiving the mail,
	      Boris may save the file sans postmark, say in gift/horse, then do

       cd gift; rc horse; mk


       ar(1), tar(1), mail(1)

       Bundle will not create directories and is unsatisfactory for non-text files.
       Beware of gift horses.

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