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rarexception(3) [php man page]

RAREXCEPTION(3) 							 1							   RAREXCEPTION(3)

The RarException class

This class serves two purposes: it is the type of the exceptions thrown by the RAR extension functions and methods and it allows, through static methods to query and define the error behaviour of the extension, i.e., whether exceptions are thrown or only warnings are emitted. The following error codes are used: o -1 - error outside UnRAR library o 11 - insufficient memory o 12 - bad data o 13 - bad archive o 14 - unknown format o 15 - file open error o 16 - file create error o 17 - file close error o 18 - read error o 19 - write error o 20 - buffer too small o 21 - unkown RAR error o 22 - password required but not given CLASS SYNOPSIS
RarException final RarExceptionextends Exception Methods o publicstatic bool RarException::isUsingExceptions (void ) o publicstatic void RarException::setUsingExceptions (bool $using_exceptions) Inherited methods o finalpublic string Exception::getMessage (void ) o finalpublic Exception Exception::getPrevious (void ) o finalpublic mixed Exception::getCode (void ) o finalpublic string Exception::getFile (void ) o finalpublic int Exception::getLine (void ) o finalpublic array Exception::getTrace (void ) o finalpublic string Exception::getTraceAsString (void ) o public string Exception::__toString (void ) o finalprivate void Exception::__clone (void ) PHP Documentation Group RAREXCEPTION(3)

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The MongoDBDriverServer class

MongoDBver final MongoDBver Constants o const integer$MongoDBver::TYPE_MONGOS1 o const integer$MongoDBver::TYPE_STANDALONE2 o const integer$MongoDBver::TYPE_ARBITER3 o const integer$MongoDBver::TYPE_SECONDARY4 o const integer$MongoDBver::TYPE_PRIMARY5 Methods o finalpublic MongoDBDriverServer::__construct (string $host, string $port, [array $options], [array $driverOptions]) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::executeBulkWrite (string $namespace, BulkWrite $zwrite) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::executeCommand (string $db, Command $command) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::executeQuery (string $namespace, Query $zquery) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::getHost (void ) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::getInfo (void ) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::getLatency (void ) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::getPort (void ) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::getState (void ) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::getType (void ) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::isDelayed (void ) o finalpublic ReturnType MongoDBDriverServer::isPassive (void ) PREDEFINED CONSTANTS
o MongoDBDriverServer::TYPE_MONGOS - o MongoDBDriverServer::TYPE_STANDALONE - o MongoDBDriverServer::TYPE_ARBITER - o MongoDBDriverServer::TYPE_SECONDARY - o MongoDBDriverServer::TYPE_PRIMARY - PHP Documentation Group MONGODBDRIVERSERVER(3)

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