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gupnp_service_proxy_action_get(3) [php man page]


gupnp_service_proxy_action_get - Send action to the service and get value

mixed gupnp_service_proxy_action_get (resource $proxy, string $action, string $name, int $type) DESCRIPTION
Send action with parameters to the service exposed by proxy synchronously and get value. PARAMETERS
o $proxy - A service proxy identifier. o $action - An action. o $name - The action name. o $type - The type of the variable to retrieve. Type can be one of the following values: o GUPNP_TYPE_BOOLEAN - Type of the variable is boolean. o GUPNP_TYPE_INT - Type of the variable is integer. o GUPNP_TYPE_LONG - Type of the variable is long. o GUPNP_TYPE_DOUBLE - Type of the variable is double. o GUPNP_TYPE_FLOAT - Type of the variable is float. o GUPNP_TYPE_STRING - Type of the variable is string. RETURN VALUES
Return value of the action. ERRORS
/EXCEPTIONS Issues E_WARNING with either not correctly defined type of the action or unable to send action. SEE ALSO
gupnp_service_proxy_action_set(3), gupnp_service_proxy_send_action(3). PHP Documentation Group GUPNP_SERVICE_PROXY_ACTION_GET(3)

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gupnp_device_action_callback_set - Set device callback function

bool gupnp_device_action_callback_set (resource $root_device, int $signal, string $action_name, mixed $callback, [mixed $arg]) DESCRIPTION
Set device callback function for signal and action. PARAMETERS
o $root_device - A root device identifier, returned by gupnp_root_device_new(3). o $signal - The value of signal. Signal can be one of the following values: o GUPNP_SIGNAL_ACTION_INVOKED - Emitted whenever an action is invoked. Handler should process action and must call either gupnp_service_action_return(3) or gupnp_service_action_return_error(3). o GUPNP_SIGNAL_NOTIFY_FAILED - Emitted whenever notification of a client fails. o $action_name - The name of action. o $callback - The callback function for the certain signal. Typically, callback function takes on three parameters. The $service parameter's identifier being the first, $action parameter's identifier (in case GUPNP_SIGNAL_ACTION_INVOKED signal) or $error parameter's mes- sage (in case GUPNP_SIGNAL_NOTIFY_FAILED signal) being the second, and the $arg is third. o $arg - User data for $callback. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. ERRORS
/EXCEPTIONS Issues E_WARNING either with not valid callback function or with not valid signal. SEE ALSO
gupnp_root_device_new(3). PHP Documentation Group GUPNP_DEVICE_ACTION_CALLBACK_SET(3)
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