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concat(n)						       Tcl Built-In Commands							 concat(n)


concat - Join lists together SYNOPSIS
concat ?arg arg ...? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This command joins each of its arguments together with spaces after trimming leading and trailing white-space from each of them. If all the arguments are lists, this has the same effect as concatenating them into a single list. It permits any number of arguments; if no args are supplied, the result is an empty string. EXAMPLES
Although concat will concatenate lists, flattening them in the process (so giving the following interactive session): % concat a b {c d e} {f {g h}} a b c d e f {g h} it will also concatenate things that are not lists, as can be seen from this session: % concat " a b {c " d " e} f" a b {c d e} f Note also that the concatenation does not remove spaces from the middle of values, as can be seen here: % concat "a b c" { d e f } a b c d e f (i.e., there are three spaces between each of the a, the b and the c). SEE ALSO
append(n), eval(n), join(n) KEYWORDS
concatenate, join, lists Tcl 8.3 concat(n)

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list(3tcl)						       Tcl Built-In Commands							list(3tcl)


list - Create a list SYNOPSIS
list ?arg arg ...? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This command returns a list comprised of all the args, or an empty string if no args are specified. Braces and backslashes get added as necessary, so that the lindex command may be used on the result to re-extract the original arguments, and also so that eval may be used to execute the resulting list, with arg1 comprising the command's name and the other args comprising its arguments. List produces slightly different results than concat: concat removes one level of grouping before forming the list, while list works directly from the original arguments. EXAMPLE
The command list a b "c d e " " f {g h}" will return a b {c d e } { f {g h}} while concat with the same arguments will return a b c d e f {g h} SEE ALSO
lappend(3tcl), lindex(3tcl), linsert(3tcl), llength(3tcl), lrange(3tcl), lrepeat(3tcl), lreplace(3tcl), lsearch(3tcl), lset(3tcl), | lsort(3tcl) KEYWORDS
element, list Tcl list(3tcl)
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