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pt_introduction(n)						   Parser Tools 						pt_introduction(n)


pt_introduction - Introduction to Parser Tools SYNOPSIS
package require Tcl 8.5 _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Welcome to the Parser Tools, a system for the creation and manipulation of parsers and the grammars driving them. What are your goals which drove you here ? [1] Do you simply wish to create a parser for some language ? In that case have a look at our parser generator application, pt, or, for a slightly deeper access, the package underneath it, pt::pgen. [2] Do you wish to know more about the architecture of the system ? This is described in the section Parser Tools Architecture, below [3] Is your interest in the theoretical background upon which the packages and tools are build ? See the Introduction to Parsing Expression Grammars. PARSER TOOLS ARCHITECTURE
The system can be split into roughly three layers, as seen in the figure below IMAGE: architecture These layers are, from high to low: [1] At the top we have the application and the packages using the packages of the layer below to implement common usecases. One example is the aforementioned pt::pgen which provides a parser generator. The list of packages belonging to this layer can be found in section User Packages [2] In this layer we have the packages which provide the core of the functionality for the whole system. They are, in essence, a set of blocks which can be combined in myriad ways, like Lego (tm). The packages in the previous level are 'just' pre-fabricated combina- tions to cover the most important use cases. The list of packages belonging to this layer can be found in section Core Packages [3] Last, but not least is the layer containing support packages providing generic functionality which not necessarily belong into the module. The list of packages belonging to this layer can be found in section Support Packages USER PACKAGES pt::pgen CORE PACKAGES This layer is further split into six sections handling the storage, import, export, transformation, and execution of grammars, plus grammar specific support packages. Storage pt::peg::container Export pt::peg::export pt::peg::export::container pt::peg::export::json pt::peg::export::peg pt::peg::to::container pt::peg::to::json pt::peg::to::peg pt::peg::to::param pt::peg::to::tclparam pt::peg::to::cparam Import pt::peg::import pt::peg::import::container pt::peg::import::json pt::peg::import::peg pt::peg::from::container pt::peg::from::json pt::peg::from::peg Transformation Execution pt::peg::interp pt::rde Support pt::tclparam::configuration::snit pt::tclparam::configuration::tcloo pt::cparam::configuration::critcl pt::ast pt::pe pt::peg SUPPORT PACKAGES pt::peg::container::peg text::write configuration paths char BUGS, IDEAS, FEEDBACK This document, and the package it describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such in the category pt of the Tcllib SF Trackers []. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation. KEYWORDS
EBNF, LL(k), PEG, TDPL, context-free languages, expression, grammar, matching, parser, parsing expression, parsing expression grammar, push down automaton, recursive descent, state, top-down parsing languages, transducer CATEGORY
Parsing and Grammars COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2009 Andreas Kupries <> pt 1 pt_introduction(n)
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