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page_util_peg(n) [osx man page]

page_util_peg(n)					      Parser generator tools						  page_util_peg(n)


page_util_peg - page PEG transformation utilities SYNOPSIS
package require page::util::peg ?0.1? package require snit ::page::util::peg::symbolNodeOf tree node ::page::util::peg::symbolOf tree node ::page::util::peg::updateUndefinedDueRemoval tree ::page::util::peg::flatten treequery tree ::page::util::peg::getWarnings tree ::page::util::peg::printWarnings msg ::page::util::peg::peOf tree eroot ::page::util::peg::printTclExpr pe _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This package provides a few common operations to PEG transformations. They assume a Normalized PE Grammar Tree as input, see the package page::util::norm::peg, possibly augmented with attributes coming from transformations not in conflict with the base definition. API
::page::util::peg::symbolNodeOf tree node Given an arbitrary expression node in the AST tree it determines the node (itself or an ancestor) containing the name of the nonter- minal symbol the node belongs to, and returns its id. The result is either the root of the tree (for the start expression), or a definition node. ::page::util::peg::symbolOf tree node As ::page::util::peg::symbolNodeOf, but returns the symbol name instead of the node. ::page::util::peg::updateUndefinedDueRemoval tree The removal of nodes in the AST tree can cause symbols to lose one or more users. A used by B and C, B is reachable, C is not, so A now loses the node in the expression for C calling it, or rather, not calling it anymore. This command updates the cross-references and which nonterminals are now undefined. ::page::util::peg::flatten treequery tree This commands flattens nested sequence and choice operators in the AST tree, re-using the treeql object treequery to run the query determining which nodes to cut. ::page::util::peg::getWarnings tree This command looks at the attributes of the AST tree for problems with the grammar and issues warnings. They do not prevent us from writing the grammar, but still represent problems with it the user should be made aware of. The result of the command is a dictionary mapping nonterminal names to their associated warnings. ::page::util::peg::printWarnings msg The argument of the command is a dictionary mapping nonterminal names to their associated warnings, as generated by, for example, the command ::page::util::peg::getWarnings. The warnings contained therein are formatted and then printed via the log command page_info. This means that this command can be used only from within a plugin managed by the package page::pluginmgr. ::page::util::peg::peOf tree eroot This command converts the parsing expression starting at the node eroot in the AST tree into a nested list. The exact syntax of this list specified by the package grammar::peg. ::page::util::peg::printTclExpr pe This command converts the parsing expression contained in the nested list pe into a Tcl string which can be placed into a Tcl script. See the package grammar::peg for the exact syntax of pe. BUGS, IDEAS, FEEDBACK This document, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such in the category page of the Tcllib SF Trackers []. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have. KEYWORDS
PEG, page, parser generator, parsing expression grammar, text processing, transformation CATEGORY
Page Parser Generator COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2007 Andreas Kupries <> page 1.0 page_util_peg(n)
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