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cursor(n)							Tk cursor routines							 cursor(n)


cursor - Procedures to handle CURSOR data SYNOPSIS
package require Tk package require cursor ?0.1? ::cursor::propagate widget cursor ::cursor::restore widget ?cursor? ::cursor::display ?parent? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
The cursor package provides commands to handle Tk cursors. COMMANDS
The following commands are available: ::cursor::propagate widget cursor Sets the cursor for the specified widget and all its descendants to cursor. ::cursor::restore widget ?cursor? Restore the original or previously set cursor for the specified widget and all its descendants. If cursor is specified, that will be used if on any widget that did not have a preset cursor (set by a previous call to ::cursor::propagate). ::cursor::display ?parent? Pops up a dialog with a listbox containing all the cursor names. Selecting a cursor name will display it in that dialog. This is simply for viewing any available cursors on the platform. SEE ALSO
Tk_GetCursor(3), cursors(n), options(n) KEYWORDS
Copyright (c) Jeffrey Hobbs <> cursor 0.1 cursor(n)

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CLOSE(7)							   SQL Commands 							  CLOSE(7)

CLOSE - close a cursor SYNOPSIS
CLOSE frees the resources associated with an open cursor. After the cursor is closed, no subsequent operations are allowed on it. A cursor should be closed when it is no longer needed. Every non-holdable open cursor is implicitly closed when a transaction is terminated by COMMIT or ROLLBACK. A holdable cursor is implicitly closed if the transaction that created it aborts via ROLLBACK. If the creating transaction successfully commits, the holdable cursor remains open until an explicit CLOSE is executed, or the client disconnects. PARAMETERS
name The name of an open cursor to close. ALL Close all open cursors. NOTES
PostgreSQL does not have an explicit OPEN cursor statement; a cursor is considered open when it is declared. Use the DECLARE [declare(7)] statement to declare a cursor. You can see all available cursors by querying the pg_cursors system view. If a cursor is closed after a savepoint which is later rolled back, the CLOSE is not rolled back; that is, the cursor remains closed. EXAMPLES
Close the cursor liahona: CLOSE liahona; COMPATIBILITY
CLOSE is fully conforming with the SQL standard. CLOSE ALL is a PostgreSQL extension. SEE ALSO
DECLARE [declare(7)], FETCH [fetch(7)], MOVE [move(7)] SQL - Language Statements 2010-05-14 CLOSE(7)
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