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ansi_send(n) [osx man page]

term::ansi::send(n)						 Terminal control					       term::ansi::send(n)


term::ansi::send - Output of ANSI control sequences to terminals SYNOPSIS
package require Tcl 8.4 package require term::ansi::send ?0.1? ::term::ansi::send::import ?ns? ... ::term::ansi::send::eeol ::term::ansi::send::esol ::term::ansi::send::el ::term::ansi::send::ed ::term::ansi::send::eu ::term::ansi::send::es ::term::ansi::send::sd ::term::ansi::send::su ::term::ansi::send::ch ::term::ansi::send::sc ::term::ansi::send::rc ::term::ansi::send::sca ::term::ansi::send::rca ::term::ansi::send::st ::term::ansi::send::ct ::term::ansi::send::cat ::term::ansi::send::qdc ::term::ansi::send::qds ::term::ansi::send::qcp ::term::ansi::send::rd ::term::ansi::send::elw ::term::ansi::send::dlw ::term::ansi::send::eg ::term::ansi::send::lg ::term::ansi::send::scs0 tag ::term::ansi::send::scs1 tag ::term::ansi::send::sda arg... ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgblack ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgred ::term::ansi::send::sda_fggreen ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgyellow ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgblue ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgmagenta ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgcyan ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgwhite ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgdefault ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgblack ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgred ::term::ansi::send::sda_bggreen ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgyellow ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgblue ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgmagenta ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgcyan ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgwhite ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgdefault ::term::ansi::send::sda_bold ::term::ansi::send::sda_dim ::term::ansi::send::sda_italic ::term::ansi::send::sda_underline ::term::ansi::send::sda_blink ::term::ansi::send::sda_revers ::term::ansi::send::sda_hidden ::term::ansi::send::sda_strike ::term::ansi::send::sda_nobold ::term::ansi::send::sda_noitalic ::term::ansi::send::sda_nounderline ::term::ansi::send::sda_noblink ::term::ansi::send::sda_norevers ::term::ansi::send::sda_nohidden ::term::ansi::send::sda_nostrike ::term::ansi::send::sda_reset ::term::ansi::send::fcp row col ::term::ansi::send::cu ?n? ::term::ansi::send::cd ?n? ::term::ansi::send::cf ?n? ::term::ansi::send::cb ?n? ::term::ansi::send::ss ?s e? ::term::ansi::send::skd code str ::term::ansi::send::title str ::term::ansi::send::gron ::term::ansi::send::groff ::term::ansi::send::tlc ::term::ansi::send::trc ::term::ansi::send::brc ::term::ansi::send::blc ::term::ansi::send::ltj ::term::ansi::send::ttj ::term::ansi::send::rtj ::term::ansi::send::btj ::term::ansi::send::fwj ::term::ansi::send::hl ::term::ansi::send::vl ::term::ansi::send::groptim str ::term::ansi::send::clear ::term::ansi::send::init ::term::ansi::send::showat row col text _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This package provides commands to send ANSI terminal control sequences to a terminal. All commands come in two variants, one for sending to any channel, the other for sending to stdout. The commands are defined using the control sequences provided by the package term::ansi::code::ctrl. They have the same arguments as the commands they are based on, with the exception of the variant for sending to any channel. Their first argument is always a channel handle, then followed by the original arguments. Below we will list only the variant sending to stdout. ::term::ansi::send::import ?ns? ... Imports the commands of this package into the namespace ns. If not specified it defaults to send. Note that this default is a rela- tive namespace name, i.e. the actual namespace will be created under the current namespace. By default all commands will be imported, this can however be restricted to specific commands, by listing them after the namespace to import them into. ::term::ansi::send::eeol Erase (to) End Of Line. ::term::ansi::send::esol Erase (to) Start Of Line. ::term::ansi::send::el Erase (current) Line. ::term::ansi::send::ed Erase Down (to bottom). ::term::ansi::send::eu Erase Up (to top). ::term::ansi::send::es Erase Screen. ::term::ansi::send::sd Scroll Down. ::term::ansi::send::su Scroll Up. ::term::ansi::send::ch Cursor Home. ::term::ansi::send::sc Save Cursor. Note: Only one saved position can be handled. This is no unlimited stack. Saving before restoring will overwrite the saved data. ::term::ansi::send::rc Restore Cursor (Unsave). ::term::ansi::send::sca Save Cursor + Attributes. ::term::ansi::send::rca Restore Cursor + Attributes. ::term::ansi::send::st Set Tab (@ current position). ::term::ansi::send::ct Clear Tab (@ current position). ::term::ansi::send::cat Clear All Tabs. ::term::ansi::send::qdc Query Device Code. ::term::ansi::send::qds Query Device Status. ::term::ansi::send::qcp Query Cursor Position. ::term::ansi::send::rd Reset Device. ::term::ansi::send::elw Enable Line Wrap. ::term::ansi::send::dlw Disable Line Wrap. ::term::ansi::send::eg Enter Graphics Mode. ::term::ansi::send::lg Exit Graphics Mode. ::term::ansi::send::scs0 tag ::term::ansi::send::scs1 tag Select Character Set. Choose which character set is used for default (scs0) and alternate font (scs1). This does not change whether default or alternate font are used, just their definitions. The legal tags, and their meanings, are: A United Kingdom Set B ASCII Set 0 Special Graphics 1 Alternate Character ROM Standard Character Set 2 Alternate Character ROM Special Graphics ::term::ansi::send::sda arg... Set Display Attributes. The arguments are the code sequences for the possible attributes, as provided by the package term::ansi::code::attr. For convenience this package also provides additional commands each setting a single specific attribute. ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgblack Set text color to Black. ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgred Set text color to Red. ::term::ansi::send::sda_fggreen Set text color to Green. ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgyellow Set text color to Yellow. ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgblue Set text color to Blue. ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgmagenta Set text color to Magenta. ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgcyan Set text color to Cyan. ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgwhite Set text color to White. ::term::ansi::send::sda_fgdefault Set default text color (Black). ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgblack Set background to Black. ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgred Set background to Red. ::term::ansi::send::sda_bggreen Set background to Green. ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgyellow Set background to Yellow. ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgblue Set background to Blue. ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgmagenta Set background to Magenta. ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgcyan Set background to Cyan. ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgwhite Set background to White. ::term::ansi::send::sda_bgdefault Set default background (Transparent). ::term::ansi::send::sda_bold Bold on. ::term::ansi::send::sda_dim Dim on. ::term::ansi::send::sda_italic Italics on. ::term::ansi::send::sda_underline Underscore on. ::term::ansi::send::sda_blink Blink on. ::term::ansi::send::sda_revers Reverse on. ::term::ansi::send::sda_hidden Hidden on. ::term::ansi::send::sda_strike Strike-through on. ::term::ansi::send::sda_nobold Bold off. ::term::ansi::send::sda_noitalic Italics off. ::term::ansi::send::sda_nounderline Underscore off. ::term::ansi::send::sda_noblink Blink off. ::term::ansi::send::sda_norevers Reverse off. ::term::ansi::send::sda_nohidden Hidden off. ::term::ansi::send::sda_nostrike Strike-through off. ::term::ansi::send::sda_reset Reset all attributes to their default values. ::term::ansi::send::fcp row col Force Cursor Position (aka Go To). ::term::ansi::send::cu ?n? Cursor Up. n defaults to 1. ::term::ansi::send::cd ?n? Cursor Down. n defaults to 1. ::term::ansi::send::cf ?n? Cursor Forward. n defaults to 1. ::term::ansi::send::cb ?n? Cursor Backward. n defaults to 1. ::term::ansi::send::ss ?s e? Scroll Screen (entire display, or between rows start end, inclusive). ::term::ansi::send::skd code str Set Key Definition. ::term::ansi::send::title str Set the terminal title. ::term::ansi::send::gron Switch to character/box graphics. I.e. switch to the alternate font. ::term::ansi::send::groff Switch to regular characters. I.e. switch to the default font. ::term::ansi::send::tlc Character graphics, Top Left Corner. ::term::ansi::send::trc Character graphics, Top Right Corner. ::term::ansi::send::brc Character graphics, Bottom Right Corner. ::term::ansi::send::blc Character graphics, Bottom Left Corner. ::term::ansi::send::ltj Character graphics, Left T Junction. ::term::ansi::send::ttj Character graphics, Top T Junction. ::term::ansi::send::rtj Character graphics, Right T Junction. ::term::ansi::send::btj Character graphics, Bottom T Junction. ::term::ansi::send::fwj Character graphics, Four-Way Junction. ::term::ansi::send::hl Character graphics, Horizontal Line. ::term::ansi::send::vl Character graphics, Vertical Line. ::term::ansi::send::groptim str Optimize character graphics. The generator commands above create way to many superfluous commands shifting into and out of the graphics mode. This command removes all shifts which are not needed. To this end it also knows which characters will look the same in both modes, to handle strings created outside of this package. ::term::ansi::send::clear Clear screen. In essence a sequence of CursorHome + EraseDown. ::term::ansi::send::init Initialize default and alternate fonts to ASCII and box graphics. ::term::ansi::send::showat row col text Show the block of text at the specified location. BUGS, IDEAS, FEEDBACK This document, and the package it describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such in the category term of the Tcllib SF Trackers []. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation. KEYWORDS
character output, control, terminal CATEGORY
Terminal control COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2006 Andreas Kupries <> term 0.1 term::ansi::send(n)
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