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xscertadmin(8) [osx man page]

xscertadmin(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					    xscertadmin(8)

xscertadmin -- process Certificate Revocation Lists in an OD environment SYNOPSIS
xscertadmin command [common options] [command options] DESCRIPTION
Manage Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) in an Open Directory Environment. COMMANDS
list [-x] [-v] [-d <debug_level>] [-a | <issuer_common_name>] add [-x] [-v] [-d <debug_level>] [-r <reason_code>] [-t <type>] <user/record name> add [-x] [-v] [-d <debug_level>] [-r <reason_code>] [-t <type>] -f <file_of_names> add [-x] [-v] [-d <debug_level>] [-r <reason_code>] -i <issuer_common_name> -s <serial_number> COMMON OPTIONS
-x/--xml Returns output to stdout in xml format. -v/--version Print the version of the tool. -d/--debug <debug_level> Sets the level of diagnostic message detail, 0 for off and 1 for on. LIST OPTIONS
-a/--all List all CRLs ADD OPTIONS
-f/--file A file containing names. -i/--issuer The common name of the issuer of the certificate. -r/--reason The revocation reason code. -s/--serial The serial number of the certificate to revoke. -t/--type The record type: user, device, computer or recordType. REASON CODES
0 unspecified 1 keyCompromise 2 cACompromise 3 affiliationChanged 4 superseded 5 cessationOfOperation 6 certificateHold 9 privilegeWithdrawn 10 aACompromise MacOSX June 2, 2019 MacOSX

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kdcsetup(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       kdcsetup(1)

kdcsetup -- Kerberos -- Open Directory Single Sign On SYNOPSIS
kdcsetup [-v debug_level] [-a admin_name] [-p password] REALM DESCRIPTION
kdcsetup is a tool for configuring an Apple Open Directory KDC. It creates the needed Kerberos files and data for an Open Director master. -v debug_level Controls the amount of output generated by kdcsetup. 0 prints errors and very basic information. 1 prints generatal status information. Higher levels may add progressively more detail. -a admin_name Name of a directory administrator authorized to make changes in Open Directory. This admin will be used as the administrator in the KDC database. Required parameter. Note: this is not a principal name. -p password The password for the above admin. Required parameter. REALM The name of the realm that this KDC serves. Required parameter. FILES
/var/db/krb5kdc/ directory where all the config & database files for the KDC are stored /var/log/krb5kdc/ directory where the log files from the KDC are written NOTES
kdcsetup is automatically run when creating an Open Directory Master. It should NEVER be run manually and will likely be deprecated in the future. SEE ALSO
kadmind(8), kdc(8), kerberos(8), krbservicesetup(8), opendirectoryd(8), sso_util(8) Darwin June 2, 2019 Darwin
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