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usbd(8) [osx man page]

usbd(8) 						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						   usbd(8)

usbd -- daemon for USB devices. SYNOPSIS
NONE (launched by launchd) DESCRIPTION
usbd allows the system to configure USB iOS devices to charge and to present notifications related to USB devices. This command is not intended to be invoked directly. FILES
/usr/libexec/usbd SEE ALSO
launchd(8) USBAgent(8) HISTORY
The usbd daemon first appeared in OS X 10.9. OS X
November 16, 2012 OS X

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USBIP(8)						  System Administration Utilities						  USBIP(8)

usbipd - USB/IP server daemon SYNOPSIS
usbipd [options] DESCRIPTION
usbipd provides USB/IP clients access to exported USB devices. Devices have to explicitly be exported using usbip bind before usbipd makes them available to other hosts. The daemon accepts connections from USB/IP clients on TCP port 3240. The clients authorised to connect may be configured as documented in hosts_access(5). OPTIONS
-D, --daemon Run as a daemon process. -d, --debug Print debugging information. -v, --version Show version. LIMITATIONS
usbipd offers no authentication or authorization for USB/IP. Any USB/IP client running on an authorised host can connect and use exported devices. EXAMPLES
server:# modprobe usbip server:# usbipd -D - Start usbip daemon. server:# usbip list - List driver assignments for usb devices. server:# usbip bind -b 1-2 - Bind usbip-host.ko to the device of busid 1-2. - A usb device 1-2 is now exportable to other hosts! - Use 'usbip unbind -b 1-2' when you want to shutdown exporting and use the device locally. SEE ALSO
usbip(8) usbip February 2009 USBIP(8)
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