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scsid(8) [osx man page]

scsid(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  scsid(8)

scsid -- SCSI subsystem daemon SYNOPSIS
scsid is the daemon responsible for the SCSI subsystem preferences. scsid should only be started at boot time and will launch as needed when SCSI subsystem preferences for the host change. Invoking scsid at any other time will do nothing. The user should not invoke scsid. FILES
/usr/libexec/scsid daemon SEE ALSO
fibreconfig(8) Darwin January 4, 2005 Darwin

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timedsetup(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     timedsetup(8)

timedsetup - Performs initial setup of the time server daemon (timed). SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/timedsetup DESCRIPTION
The timedsetup command is an interactive script that can be used to perform initial time service configuration for your system. By default, timed does not start at boot time. The timedsetup script asks if you want the timed daemon to be started at boot time, and prompts you for any options to pass to the timed daemon whenever it is invoked. The script then starts the timed daemon. For more information on the timed options, see the timed(8) reference page. Note The timed daemon is provided for compatibility. Tru64 UNIX also provides support for the Network Time Protocol (NTP) through the xntpd daemon. Compaq recommends you use NTP for time synchronization. If your system is configured to run NTP, the timedsetup command passes the -E and -M options to the timed daemon by default. If you plan to run both the timed daemon and NTP, you should configure NTP first. RESTRICTIONS
In configurations with two or more hosts each connected to the same two or more subnetworks, only one of the host can run the timed with the -M option. FILES
Specifies the command pathname The timed startup and shutdown script Specifies timed parameters pertinent to a specific system SEE ALSO
Commands: timed(8), xntpd(8) timedsetup(8)
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