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ptmd(8) [osx man page]

ptmd(8) 						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						   ptmd(8)

ptmd -- platform thermal monitor daemon. SYNOPSIS
The ptmd daemon is automatically launched via its LaunchDaemon configuration file. On platforms that require its services ptmd stays running. On other platforms ptmd starts and then exits. While running ptmd relays to hardware any OS notifications effecting thermal conditions. FILES
/usr/libexec/ptmd The daemon /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ The launchd configuration plist /usr/share/man/man1/ptmd.8 This man page Darwin May 31, 2019 Darwin

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smbd(8) 						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						   smbd(8)

smbd -- SMB server daemon SYNOPSIS
smbd [options] DESCRIPTION
smbd runs on a server machine to service SMB protocol requests from SMB client machines. OPTIONS
-debug The service will log extensive debug information and may perform extra diagnostic checks. In debug mode, smbd will not exit when idle. -help Prints a usage message and exits. -ports list The service will listen on each of the TCP ports specified in the comma-separated list. This option is typically only used for debugging, since smbd is normally launched by launchd(8) on port 445. -stdout Causes smbd to print log messages to standard output instead of the system log. -no-symlinks In normal operation, smbd will respond to client symlink requests but will never follow symlinks itself. This flag causes smbd to restrict client access to symlink operations and to always follow symlinks. In this case, clients will not be aware that symlinks are in use because they will always be directed to the symlink target. FILES
/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ The primary configuration for the SMB stack. This file is updated by various system services and should not be edited by hand. /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ The smbd service's property list file for launchd(8). SIGNALS
SIGHUP This signal causes smbd to re-read its configuration settings. SEE ALSO
launchd(8) STANDARDS
The SMB protocol is documented as part of the Microsoft Work Group Server Protocol Program (WSPP) technical documentation set, specifically MS-CIFS Common Internet File System Specification MS-SMB Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol Specification HISTORY
The smbd utility first appeared in Mac OS 10.7. Darwin May 31, 2019 Darwin
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