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pcsctest(8) [osx man page]

PCSCTEST(8)							    User Manual 						       PCSCTEST(8)

pcsctest SYNOPSIS
pcsctest runs a test on pcscd, lists the readers currently connected, and displays card information if a card is inserted. OPTIONS
pcsctest lists the currently connected readers and asks the user to choose one. After choosing the reader, pcsctest will ask the user to insert a card into the card reader. If this happens pcsctest will display the cards's ATR and other information. Example: The following will occur if no reader is inserted and recognized: MUSCLE PC/SC Lite Test Program Testing SCardEstablishContext : Command successful. Testing SCardGetStatusChange Once a reader is inserted and recognized the following will occur: MUSCLE PC/SC Lite Test Program Testing SCardEstablishContext : Command successful. Testing SCardGetStatusChange Please insert a working reader : Command successful. Testing SCardListReaders : Command successful. Reader 01: SCM SCR-331 CCID 0 0 Enter the reader number : 1 Waiting for card insertion : Command successful. Testing SCardConnect : Command successful. Testing SCardStatus : Command successful. Current Reader Name : CCID USB Reader 0 0 Current Reader State : 34 Current Reader Protocol : 0 Current Reader ATR Size : 9 Current Reader ATR Value : 3B E2 00 00 04 03 00 Testing SCardDisconnect : Command successful. Testing SCardReleaseContext : Command successful. PC/SC Test Completed Successfully ! SEE ALSO
pcscd(8) BUGS
MacOSX March 2003 PCSCTEST(8)

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PCSCD(8)							    PC/SC Lite								  PCSCD(8)

pcscd - PC/SC Smart Card Daemon SYNOPSIS
pcscd [options] OPTIONS
-a, --apdu log APDUs and SW using the debug method (see --debug). -c, --config file Specifies the file file as an alternate location for /etc/reader.conf.d/reader.conf. -f, --foreground Runs pcscd in the foreground and sends log messages to stderr instead of syslog(3). -d, --debug use the lowest log level. Any log message of this level or above will be sent to stderr or syslog(3) depending on the use of --fore- ground. --info use info log level. This is the default log level. --error use error log level. --critical use critical log level. The log levels are ordered as: debug < info < error < critical. Use a log level l will log this level and all the levels above it. -h, --help Displays information about the pcscd command line -v, --version Displays the program version number -H, --hotplug Ask pcscd to rescan the USB buses for added or removed readers and re-read the /etc/reader.conf.d/reader.conf file to detect added or removed non-USB readers (serial or PCMCIA). DESCRIPTION
pcscd is the daemon program for pcsc-lite. It is a resource manager that coordinates communications with smart card readers and smart cards and cryptographic tokens that are connected to the system. It allows applications to access smart cards and readers using the winscard API but without knowing details of the card or reader. pcscd coordinates the loading of drivers for card readers. SERIAL SMART CARD READER DRIVERS
Smart card reader drivers are placed in the /usr/lib64/pcsc/drivers directory. Each driver is simply an .so file. pcscd locates the driver using the /etc/reader.conf.d/reader.conf file. See the reader.conf(5) manual page for more information. Drivers are available at USB SMART CARD READER DRIVERS
USB smart card reader drivers are located in /usr/lib64/pcsc/drivers directory as a bundle. You shall not add a USB driver in /etc/reader.conf.d/reader.conf file. FILES
/etc/reader.conf.d/reader.conf : Reader configuration file /var/run/pcscd/ : process id of the running pcscd /usr/lib64/pcsc/drivers : directory containing bundles for USB drivers SEE ALSO
bundleTool(8), reader.conf(5), syslog(3) AUTHORS
David Corcoran <> and Ludovic Rousseau <> Muscle January 2007 PCSCD(8)
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