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notifyd(8) [osx man page]

notifyd(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						notifyd(8)

notifyd -- notification server SYNOPSIS
notifyd [-d service_name] [-v] [-shm_pages npages] [-no_restart] DESCRIPTION
notifyd is the server for the Mac OS X notification system described in notify(3). The server is usually started automatically during system startup, and is not run from the command line. The -d option causes notifyd to run in a debugging mode. It registers its mach port with the given service name. It will stay attached to the terminal and print verbose log messages to the terminal. The -v option causes notifyd to produce verbose logging information. The -shm_pages npages option sets the number of shared memory pages used for passive notification. The default is one page. If a value of zero is specified, shared memory is disabled, and passive notifications are performed using IPC between the client and the server. The -no_restart option causes notifyd to register as a non-restartable server with mach_init. SEE ALSO
notify(3). Mac OS X March 24, 2003 Mac OS X

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NOTIFYD(8)						      System Manager's Manual							NOTIFYD(8)


notifyd - Cyrus notification server SYNOPSIS
notifyd [ -C config-file ] [ -U uses ] [ -T timeout ] [ -D ] DESCRIPTION
Notifyd is a daemon started from cyrmaster(8) that handles notification requests on behalf of lmtpd(8). Notifyd accepts the request and performs the notification using the method specified in the request. Note that for notifyd to run properly you must set proto=udp in its cyrus.conf services entry. prefork=1 is also recommended. Notifyd reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf(5) file unless specified otherwise by -C. The notifysocket option is used to specify the Unix domain socket to listen on for notifications. OPTIONS
-C config-file Read configuration options from config-file. -U uses The maximum number of times that the process should be used for new connections before shutting down. The default is 250. -T timeout The number of seconds that the process will wait for a new connection before shutting down. Note that a value of 0 (zero) will dis- able the timeout. The default is 60. -D Run external debugger specified in debug_command. NOTIFICATION METHODS
null Ignore the notification request. log Log the notification to syslog (for testing). mailto Email the notification. This method can ONLY be used in a Sieve 'notify' action as it requires a mailto: URL to be specified as an :option. zephyr Send the notification as a zephyrgram. If used in a Sieve 'notify' action, additional recipients can be specified as :options. external Send the notification via an external program. The path to the program is specified using the notify_external option in the config- uration file. FILES
/etc/imapd.conf Default configuration file. /etc/cyrus.conf Cyrus Master process configuration file. SEE ALSO
imapd.conf(5), cyrus.conf, cyrmaster(8), lmtpd(8) CMU
Project Cyrus NOTIFYD(8)
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