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ip6addrctl(8) [osx man page]

IP6ADDRCTL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					     IP6ADDRCTL(8)

ip6addrctl -- configure address selection policy for IPv6 and IPv4 SYNOPSIS
ip6addrctl [show] ip6addrctl add prefix precedence label ip6addrctl delete prefix ip6addrctl flush ip6addrctl install configfile DESCRIPTION
The ip6addrctl utility manages the policy table of source and destination address selection for outgoing IPv4 and IPv6 packets. When ip6addrctl is invoked without an argument or with a single argument show, it prints the content of the policy table currently installed in the kernel. To modify the table, the following operations are available: add prefix precedence label Add a policy entry. The prefix argument is an IPv6 prefix, which is a key for the entry. An IPv4 prefix should be specified with an IPv6 prefix using an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address. The precedence and label arguments are decimal numbers, which specify the precedence and label values for the entry, respectively. This operation should be performed without an existing entry for the prefix. delete prefix Delete a policy entry specified by prefix, which should be an IPv6 prefix. A corresponding entry for the prefix should have already been installed. flush Delete all existing policy entries in the kernel. install configfile Install policy entries from a configuration file named configfile. The configuration file should contain a set of policy entries. Each entry is specified in a single line which contains an IPv6 prefix, a decimal precedence value, and a decimal label value, sepa- rated with white space or tab characters. In the configuration file, lines beginning with the pound-sign ('#') are comments and are ignored. EXIT STATUS
The ip6addrctl utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
Richard Draves, Default Address Selection for IPv6, RFC 3484. HISTORY
The ip6addrctl utility first appeared in the KAME IPv6 protocol stack kit. The original command name was addrselect, but it was then renamed to the current one so that the name would describe its function well. BSD
September 25, 2001 BSD

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IP-ADDRLABEL(8) 						       Linux							   IP-ADDRLABEL(8)

ip-addrlabel - protocol address label management SYNOPSIS
ip [ OPTIONS ] addrlabel { COMMAND | help } OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] | -s[tatistics] | -r[esolve] | -f[amily] { inet | inet6 | ipx | dnet | link } | -o[neline] } ip addrlabel { add | del } prefix PREFIX [ dev DEV ] [ label NUMBER ] ip addrlabel { list | flush } DESCRIPTION
IPv6 address labels are used for address selection; they are described in RFC 3484. Precedence is managed by userspace, and only the label itself is stored in the kernel. ip addrlabel add - add an address label add an address label entry to the kernel. prefix PREFIX dev DEV the outgoing interface. label NUMBER the label for the prefix. 0xffffffff is reserved. ip addrlabel del - delete an address label delete an address label entry from the kernel. Arguments: coincide with the arguments of ip addrlabel add but the label is not required. ip addrlabel list - list address labels list the current address label entries in the kernel. ip addrlabel flush - flush address labels flush all address labels in the kernel. This does not restore any default settings. SEE ALSO
ip(8) AUTHOR
Manpage by Yoshifuji Hideaki / iproute2 20 Dec 2011 IP-ADDRLABEL(8)
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