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emond(8) [osx man page]

emond(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  emond(8)

emond -- Event Monitor Daemon SYNOPSIS
emond [-r path] [-c path] DESCRIPTION
emond accepts events from various services, runs them through a simple rules engine, and takes action. The actions can run commands; send email, or SMS messages. Options: -r path_to_rules Tells emond to look for rules files in the specified path. The path may refer to either a file or a directory. If the path refers to a directory, then all files with a .plist extension in that directory will be loaded. -c path_to_config Tells emond to look in specified path for its config file. FILES
/etc/emond.d/rules/ Default directory where emond looks for rules. /etc/emond.d/emond.plist the plist formatted config file /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ the launchd config file SEE ALSO
emond.plist(5), distnoted(8),, launchd(8), xssendevent(8) Darwin June 2, 2019 Darwin

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rpcbind(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						rpcbind(8)

rpcbind -- portmap SYNOPSIS
rpcbind [-d] [-v] [-h bindip] DESCRIPTION
Rpcbind is a server that converts RPC program numbers into DARPA protocol port numbers. It is a replacement for the older portmap program. rpcbind supports the original version 2 portmap protocol and in addition supports the newer version 3 and version 4 protocols that are neces- sary for IPv6 support. It must be running on the server in order to make RPC calls. When an RPC server is started, it will tell rpcbind what address it is listening to, and what RPC program numbers it is prepared to serve. When a client wishes to make an RPC call to a given program number, it will first contact rpcbind on the server machine to determine the address where RPC packets should be sent. rpcbind is a launchd service. When the first server tries to register with rpcbind the RPC library will contact launchd and arrange for rpcbind to be started. Note it is no longer possible to run rpcbind from the command line. rpcbind logs errors and information using asl(3). rpcbind uses hosts_access(5) for access control; note access control patterns may only reference IP addresses. The following options are available and will need to be added to the rpcbind plist file. -d causes rpcbind errors and debugging information to be printed to the standard error output via asl_log. This option is no longer very useful. -v Enable verbose logging of access control checks. -h Specify specific IP addresses to bind to for UDP requests. This option may be specified multiple times and is typically necessary when running on a multi-homed host. If no -h option is specified, rpcbind will bind to INADDR_ANY, which could lead to problems on a multi-homed host due to rpcbind returning a UDP packet from a different IP address than it was sent to. Note that when specifying IP addresses with -h, rpcbind will automatically add to the list. FILES
/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ launchd.plist(5) file for rpcbind. Options should be added here. /usr/share/sandbox/ sandbox(7) file for rpcbind. SEE ALSO
hosts_access(5), launchd.plist(5), launchd(8), rpcinfo(8) BUGS
If rpcbind crashes, all servers must be restarted. Version 4 getstat procedure is not implemented and will always return 0 and null values. RPC_SYSTEMERROR. -h option is not supported for IPv6. Darwin June 1, 2019 Darwin
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