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cupsfilter(8) [osx man page]

cupsfilter(8)							    Apple Inc.							     cupsfilter(8)

cupsfilter - convert a file to another format using cups filters SYNOPSIS
cupsfilter [ -D ] [ -U user ] [ -c config-file ] [ -d printer ] [ -e ] [ -i mime/type ] [ -j job-id[,N] ] [ -m mime/type ] [ -n copies ] [ -o name=value ] [ -p filename.ppd ] [ -t title ] [ -u ] filename DESCRIPTION
cupsfilter is a front-end to the CUPS filter subsystem which allows you to convert a file to a specific format, just as if you had printed the file through CUPS. By default, cupsfilter generates a PDF file. OPTIONS
-D Delete the input file after conversion. -U user Specifies the username passed to the filters. The default is the name of the current user. -c config-file Uses the named cupsd.conf configuration file. -d printer Uses information from the named printer. -e Use every filter from the PPD file. -i mime/type Specifies the source file type. The default file type is guessed using the filename and contents of the file. -j job-id[,N] Converts document N from the specified job. If N is omitted, document 1 is converted. -m mime/type Specifies the destination file type. The default file type is application/pdf. Use printer/foo to convert to the printer format defined by the filters in the PPD file. -n copies Specifies the number of copies to generate. -o name=value Specifies options to pass to the CUPS filters. -p filename.ppd Specifies the PPD file to use. -t title Specifies the document title. -u Delete the PPD file after conversion. SEE ALSO
cupsd.conf(5) http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc. 20 June 2012 CUPS cupsfilter(8)

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mime.convs(5)							    Apple Inc.							     mime.convs(5)

mime.convs - mime type conversion file for cups DESCRIPTION
The mime.convs file defines the filters that are available for converting files from one format to another. The standard filters support text, PDF, PostScript, and many types of image files. Additional filters are specified in files with the extension .convs in the CUPS configuration directory. Each line in the mime.convs file is a comment, blank, or filter line. Comment lines start with the # character. Filter lines specify the source and destination MIME types along with a relative cost associated with the filter and the filter to run: source/type destination/type cost filter The source/type field specifies the source MIME media type that is consumed by the filter. The destination/type field specifies the destination MIME media type that is produced by the filter. The cost field specifies the relative cost for running the filter. A value of 100 means that the filter uses a large amount of resources while a value of 0 means that the filter uses very few resources. The filter field specifies the filter program filename. Filenames are relative to the CUPS filter directory. FILES
/etc/cups - Typical CUPS configuration directory. /usr/lib/cups/filter - Typical CUPS filter directory. /usr/libexec/cups/filter - CUPS filter directory on macOS. EXAMPLES
Define a filter that converts PostScript documents to CUPS Raster format: application/vnd.cups-postscript application/vnd.cups-raster 50 pstoraster SEE ALSO
cups-files.conf(5), cupsd.conf(5), cupsd(8), cupsfilter(8), mime.types(5), CUPS Online Help (http://localhost:631/help) COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2007-2017 by Apple Inc. 26 August 2015 CUPS mime.convs(5)
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