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chkpasswd(8) [osx man page]

CHKPASSWD(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      CHKPASSWD(8)

chkpasswd -- verifies user password against various systems SYNOPSIS
chkpasswd [-i infosystem [-l location]] [-c] [name] DESCRIPTION
chkpasswd verifies a supplied username and password against file, NIS, or OpenDirectory infosystems. The options are as follows: -c The supplied password is compared verbatim without first being encrypted. -i infosystem Specify the system against which to check the password (default is PAM). Valid systems: file File-based passwords nis NIS/YP authentication opendirectory OpenDirectory (Directory Services) authentication. If no -l option is specified, the search node is used. PAM Pluggable Authentication Modules -l location Specify a location; varies based on infosystem type: for file Filename (default: /etc/master.passwd). for nis NIS domainname. for opendirectory A directory node name such as /Local/Default. for PAM Unused. name username SEE ALSO
dscl(1), passwd(5) Darwin July 20, 2004 Darwin

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pam_opendirectory(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 				      pam_opendirectory(8)

pam_opendirectory -- OpenDirectory PAM module SYNOPSIS
[service-name] function-class control-flag pam_opendirectory [options] DESCRIPTION
The OpenDirectory PAM module supports the authentication, account management and password management function classes. In terms of the function-class parameter, these are ``auth'', ``account'' and ``password'' respectively. The OpenDirectory Authentication Module The OpenDirectory authentication module permits or denies users based on OpenDirectory password authentication. The following option may be passed to this authentication module: nullok Allow null passwords. The OpenDirectory Account Management Module The OpenDirectory account management module permits or denies users based whether the account is enabled in OpenDirectory. The following option may be passed to this account management module: no_check_shell Skip validating the user's shell. no_check_home Skip validating the user's home directory. refresh=min Sets the mbr_check_membership(3) cache timeout to min minutes. When this option is used, the min value must be specified, and it must be an integer. The OpenDirectory Password Management Module The OpenDirectory password management module supports password changing and enforces the OpenDirectory password policy. SEE ALSO
mbr_check_membership(3), pam.conf(5), pam(8), pwpolicy(8), DirectoryService(8) BSD
February 7, 2009 BSD
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