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amavisd-release(8) [osx man page]

AMAVISD-RELEASE(8)					      System Manager's Manual						AMAVISD-RELEASE(8)

amavisd-release - Amavisd release SYNOPSIS
amavisd-release DESCRIPTION
This is amavisd-release which is an EXAMPLE quarantine release utility program. It uses AM.PDP protocol to send a request to amavisd dae- mon to release a quarantined mail message. Usage: amavisd-release mail_file secret_id [alt_recip1 alt_recip2 ..] OPTIONS
Debug Debug option. FILES
amavisd-release AMAVISD-RELEASE(8)

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DCH-REPEAT(1)						      General Commands Manual						     DCH-REPEAT(1)

dch-repeat - repeats a changelog entry into an older release SYNOPSIS
dch-repeat --build-tree <PATH> dch-repeat --source-release <RELEASE> dch-repeat --target-release <RELEASE> dch-repeat --devel-release <RELEASE> dch-repeat --pocket <POCKET> dch-repeat -h DESCRIPTION
dch-repeat is used to repeat a changelog into an older release. It expects that --build-tree is laid out with each Ubuntu release as a separate directory ("feisty", "edgy", etc). For example, if gimp had a security update prepared for Feisty in $TREE/feisty/gimp-2.2.13, running dch-repeat in $TREE/edgy/gimp-2.2.13 would pull in the latest changelog from the Feisty build. OPTIONS
Listed below are the command line options for dch-repeat: -h or --help Display a help message and exit. --build-tree PATH Base of build trees. Default is /scratch/ubuntu/build. -s or --source-release RELEASE Which release to take changelog from. --target-release RELEASE Which release to build into. --devel-release RELEASE Which release is the development release. --pocket POCKET Which pocket to use. AUTHOR
dch-repeat was written by Kees Cook <>. This manual page was written by Jonathan Patrick Davies <>. Both are released under the GNU General Public License, version 2. SEE ALSO
dch(1). ubuntu-dev-tools 10 August 2008 DCH-REPEAT(1)
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