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amavisd-release(8) [osx man page]

AMAVISD-RELEASE(8)					      System Manager's Manual						AMAVISD-RELEASE(8)

amavisd-release - Amavisd release SYNOPSIS
amavisd-release DESCRIPTION
This is amavisd-release which is an EXAMPLE quarantine release utility program. It uses AM.PDP protocol to send a request to amavisd dae- mon to release a quarantined mail message. Usage: amavisd-release mail_file secret_id [alt_recip1 alt_recip2 ..] OPTIONS
Debug Debug option. FILES
amavisd-release AMAVISD-RELEASE(8)

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POSTFIX-ADD-FILTER(8)					      System Manager's Manual					     POSTFIX-ADD-FILTER(8)

postfix-add-filter - add filter service to Postfix SYNOPSIS
postfix-add-filter [smtp service name...] [smtpd port...] DESCRIPTION
The postfix-add-filter(8) command adds an smtp service named smtp service name and and smtpd server listening on smtpd port to etc/post- fix/ to facilitate integration of SMTP filters such as amavisd-new or clamsmtp. The configuration is based on the upstream recom- mendations for amavisd-new 2.6.0. Adminstrators should verify it is appropriate for their requirements. The original file is copied prior to modification and left in /etc/postfix to make it possible to revert changes easily. Available in the Debian package for Postfix version 2.5.3 and later. DIAGNOSTICS
If the given smtp service name or smtpd port already appear in the, a message will be printed to standard out and will not be modified. ENVIRONMENT
MAIL_CONFIG Directory with Postfix configuration files. The postfix-add-filter(8) command should use this, but it currently doesn't. It is hard coded to /etc/postfix. This should be changed. CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS
/etc/postfix/ SEE ALSO
postconf(5), Postfix configuration LICENSE
This software is licensed under the MIT open source license. AUTHOR(S) Scott Kitterman <> POSTFIX-ADD-FILTER(8)
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