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amavisd-agent(8) [osx man page]

AMAVISD-AGENT(8)					      System Manager's Manual						  AMAVISD-AGENT(8)

amavisd-agent - Amavisd agent SYNOPSIS
amavisd-agent DESCRIPTION
Amavisd-agent SNMP-like counters updated by amavisd-new. OPTIONS
Debug Debug option. FILES
amavisd-agent AMAVISD-AGENT(8)

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TOMOYO-EDITPOLICY-AGENT(8)				  System Administration Utilities				TOMOYO-EDITPOLICY-AGENT(8)

tomoyo-editpolicy-agent - agent for remotely editing TOMOYO Linux policy SYNOPSIS
tomoyo-editpolicy-agent listen_ip:listen_port DESCRIPTION
This program is an agent for tomoyo-editpolicy, tomoyo-loadpolicy, tomoyo-savepolicy, tomoyo-pstree, tomoyo-queryd, and tomoyo-auditd. It listens on the specified IP address at the specified port. Do not run this program unless you know what you are doing. It allows anonymous users to edit policy, as no user authentication is performed. It is designed for systems with resource limitations that make it difficult to run the TOMOYO Linux userspace tools. Do not use this for normal desktops or servers. Before this program can be invoked, you must register it in /sys/kernel/security/tomoyo/manager. EXAMPLES
Listen to at port 10000 tomoyo-editpolicy-agent BUGS
If you find any bugs, send an email to <>. AUTHORS
Tetsuo Handa <> Main author. Jamie Nguyen <> Documentation and website. SEE ALSO
tomoyo-editpolicy(8), tomoyo-loadpolicy(8), tomoyo-savepolicy(8), tomoyo-pstree(8), tomoyo-queryd(8), tomoyo-auditd(8) See <> for more information. tomoyo-tools 2.5.0 2012-04-14 TOMOYO-EDITPOLICY-AGENT(8)
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