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airportd(8) [osx man page]

airportd(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					       airportd(8)

airportd -- airport daemon SYNOPSIS
airportd manages wireless interfaces. airportd should not be invoked directly. BSD
June 2, 2019 BSD

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petitboot-nc(8) 					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					   petitboot-nc(8)

petitboot-nc -- Petitboot ncurses bootloader UI SYNOPSIS
petitboot-nc [-d, --start-daemon] [-h, --help] [-l, --log log-file] [-V, --version] DESCRIPTION
petitboot-nc is an ncurses based interface to the Petitboot bootloader. Petitboot is a Linux kexec based bootloader that supports loading Linux kernel and initrd images from any device that can be mounted by Linux. It can also load images from the network using the HTTP, HTTPS, NFS, SFTP, and TFTP protocols. OPTIONS
-d, --start-daemon Start pb-discover, the petitboot dynamic device discovery daemon, if it has not been started. This option is mainly useful when run- ning petitboot as a stand-alone application. -h, --help Print a help message. -l, --log log-file Log messages to the file log-file. The default log is a file /var/log/petitboot-nc.log. New messages are appended to an existing log file. -V, --version Display the program version number. SEE ALSO
petitboot(8), petitboot-twin(8), pb-discover(8), pb-event(8) REPORTING BUGS
Send bug reports to Geoff Levand <geoff @> BSD
June 1, 2019 BSD
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