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accesstool(8) [osx man page]

ACCESSTOOL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					     ACCESSTOOL(8)

accesstool -- accesstool SYNOPSIS
accesstool DESCRIPTION
accesstool CLI interface to the accessibility API. There are no configuration options. Mac OS X Oct 6, 2011 Mac OS X

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SW_VERS(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						SW_VERS(1)

sw_vers -- print Mac OS X operating system version information SYNOPSIS
sw_vers sw_vers -productName sw_vers -productVersion sw_vers -buildVersion DESCRIPTION
sw_vers prints version information about the Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server operating system running on the local machine. When executed with no options sw_vers prints a short list of version properties: % sw_vers ProductName: Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.3 BuildVersion: 7A100 The ProductName property provides the name of the operating system release (typically either "Mac OS X" or "Mac OS X Server"). The ProductVersion property defines the version of the operating system release (for example, "10.2.4" or "10.3"). The BuildVersion property provides the specific revision of the operating system as generated by the Mac OS X build system. OPTIONS
The output of sw_vers can be refined by the following options. -productName Print just the value of the ProductName property. -productVersion Print just the value of the ProductVersion property. -buildVersion Print just the value of the BuildVersion property. EXAMPLES
% sw_vers -productName Mac OS X % sw_vers -productVersion 10.3 % sw_vers -buildVersion 7A100 FILES
/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist /System/Library/CoreServices/ServerVersion.plist Mac OS X March 10, 2003 Mac OS X
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