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alter_tablespace(7) [osx man page]

ALTER TABLESPACE - change the definition of a tablespace SYNOPSIS
ALTER TABLESPACE changes the definition of a tablespace. You must own the tablespace to use ALTER TABLESPACE. To alter the owner, you must also be a direct or indirect member of the new owning role. (Note that superusers have these privileges automatically.) PARAMETERS
name The name of an existing tablespace. newname The new name of the tablespace. The new name cannot begin with pg_, as such names are reserved for system tablespaces. newowner The new owner of the tablespace. EXAMPLES
Rename tablespace index_space to fast_raid: ALTER TABLESPACE index_space RENAME TO fast_raid; Change the owner of tablespace index_space: ALTER TABLESPACE index_space OWNER TO mary; COMPATIBILITY
There is no ALTER TABLESPACE statement in the SQL standard. SEE ALSO
CREATE TABLESPACE [create_tablespace(7)], DROP TABLESPACE [drop_tablespace(7)] SQL - Language Statements 2010-05-14 ALTER TABLESPACE(7)

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DROP TABLESPACE - remove a tablespace SYNOPSIS
DROP TABLESPACE removes a tablespace from the system. A tablespace can only be dropped by its owner or a superuser. The tablespace must be empty of all database objects before it can be dropped. It is possible that objects in other databases might still reside in the tablespace even if no objects in the current database are using the tablespace. Also, if the tablespace is listed in the temp_tablespaces setting of any active session, the DROP might fail due to temporary files residing in the tablespace. PARAMETERS
IF EXISTS Do not throw an error if the tablespace does not exist. A notice is issued in this case. tablespacename The name of a tablespace. NOTES
DROP TABLESPACE cannot be executed inside a transaction block. EXAMPLES
To remove tablespace mystuff from the system: DROP TABLESPACE mystuff; COMPATIBILITY
DROP TABLESPACE is a PostgreSQL extension. SEE ALSO
CREATE TABLESPACE [create_tablespace(7)], ALTER TABLESPACE [alter_tablespace(7)] SQL - Language Statements 2010-05-14 DROP TABLESPACE(7)
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