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rhosts(5) [osx man page]

RHOSTS(5)						      BSD File Formats Manual							 RHOSTS(5)

rhosts -- allow rlogin, rsh and rcp connections to the local machine without a password. SYNOPSIS
The .rhosts file can allow specific remote users and/or hosts to execute commands on the local machine. The file uses the following format: host [user | @group] Such an entry grants password-free access for the user with the login name user from host. If no user is specified, the user must have the same login name on the remote host and the local host. For security reasons you should always use the FQDN of the hostname and not the short hostname. Netgroups can be specified by preceeding the group by an @ sign. The .rhosts file must be owned by the user or root, and writable only by the owner. SEE ALSO
rsh(1), rlogin(1), rcp(1). August 17, 2019

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rhosts(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							 rhosts(4)

rhosts, .rhosts - Specifies remote users that can use a local user account SYNOPSIS
The .rhosts file contains a list of remote users who are not required to supply a login password when they execute the rcp, rlogin, and rsh commands using a local user account. The .rhosts file is a hidden file in your home directory. It must be owned by you or the root user and it must not be writable by group or world, otherwise, it is not used. Moreover, although it is not required, it is sensible to set the permissions of the file to 600, so the file is not readable by group or world. Each entry in the file is of the following form: host [user] where: The name of the remote host. If the remote host is in a different domain than the local host, the full domain name must be speci- fied. The login name of the remote user. This field is optional. If this field is not specified, any user on the specified remote host is exempt from providing a password, and is assumed to have the same username on both the local and remote hosts. Optionally, an NIS netgroup name can be specified for the host name, user name, or both. Entries in the .rhosts file are either positive or negative. Positive entries allow access; negative entries deny access. The following entries are positive: hostname username +@netgroup In addition, the plus sign (+) can be used in place of the hostname or username. In place of the hostname, it means any remote host. In place of the username, it means any user. The following entries are negative: -hostname -username -@netgroup EXAMPLES
The following sample entries in the /u/chen/.rhosts file on host zeus allow users moshe and pierre at remote host venus and user robert at the hosts specified in the NIS netgroup chicago to log in to user chen's home directory on host zeus: venus moshe venus pierre +@chicago robert FILES
Specifies remote users who can use a local user account. RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: rcp(1), rlogin(1), rsh(1). Functions: ruserok(3). Files: hosts.equiv(4), netgroup(4). Functions: rcmd(3). delim off rhosts(4)
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