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heimdal_debug(5) [osx man page]

heimdal_debug(5)					      BSD File Formats Manual						  heimdal_debug(5)

heimdal_debug -- how to turn on/off debugging for Kerberos tools DESCRIPTION
The heimdal_debug kerberos frameworks have several knobs for controlling logging. The different framework knobs are: libkrb The Kerberos library, some gss-api Kerberos output ends up here too kcm the kcm library (credentials cache, ntlm client) kdc the kerberos KDC output digest-service the digest service (ntlm server) CONFIGURATION FILE
[logging] <subsystem> = 0-/SYSLOG: and watch syslog for logging information. APPLE MAC OS X
First turn up syslog debugging sudo syslog -c 0 -d then you can see the syslog output in or by running syslog -w -k org.h5l.asl To enable more extensive debugging logging for each subsystem, use the following commands: Kerberos Library sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ logging -dict-add krb5 '0-/ASL:' digest-server sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ logging -dict-add digest-service '0-/ASL:' kcm sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ logging -dict-add kcm '0-/ASL:' kdc sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ logging -dict-add kdc '0-/ASL:' MIT Kerberos Shim defaults write EnableDebugging -bool true GSS-API framework logging sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DebugLevel -int 10 Other options on Mac OS X Make the admin API pretend to the server even on client sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ ForceHeimODServerMode -bool true SEE ALSO
gss(5), kerberos(8) HEIMDAL
Sep 30, 2011 HEIMDAL

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kerberosautoconfig(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 				     kerberosautoconfig(8)

kerberosautoconfig -- Kerberos -- Open Directory Single Sign On SYNOPSIS
kerberosautoconfig [-f directory_node] [-o output_dir] [-r realm_name -m master_kdc] [-u] [-k] [-v debug_level] DESCRIPTION
The kerberosautoconfig command creates / updates & removes the file and the Kerberos:<REALM_NAME> config record in dslocal db from information stored in the Open Directory config record named KerberosClient. The existing file is only replaced if the autogenerated header is present and the generation_id in the KerberosClient config record is greater than that within the file. The default location of the output file is /Library/Preferences/ If the machine is standalone, this command will do nothing (unless the -u option is used). Definitions: directory_node An open directory node path specifier. Such as /LDAPv3/ output_dir The directory in which kerberosautoconfig deposits the file realm_name Name of the Kerberos realm that will be the default when creating a file from scratch master_kdc Host name of the master KDC for the default realm when creating a file from scratch debug_level Specifies the amount of debugging information printed to stdout, default is 1 Flags: -f Tells kerberosautoconfig to look in the specified open directory node for the KerberosClient config record. -o Specifies the directory in which kerberosautoconfig will write the new file into -r kerberosautoconfig can create an file from information passed on the command line. Use the -r and -m flags to spec- ify the default realm and master KDC for that realm. -m See above -k Adds the default Kerberos logging directives to the config file (useful when setting up a kdc) -u Forces an update of the file. Will overwrite an existing non-autogenerated file. Use with caution. -v Specifies the amount of debugging information printed to stdout, default is 1 FILES
/Library/Preferences/ The main Kerberos config file (also known as krb5.conf on other systems) SEE ALSO
DirectoryService(1), Kerberos(1), kdcsetup(8), krb5.conf(5) BUGS
kerberosautoconfig looks for the KerberosClient config record in each of the open directory nodes on the search path. It merges the realm information from any KerberosClient config records it finds, but it only checks the generation_id from the first config record found. This means that the file does not get updated if the second KerberosClient record found changes. HISTORY
kerberosautoconfig first appeared in Mac OS X 10.3 Darwin June 2, 2019 Darwin
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