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bootptab(5) [osx man page]

BOOTPTAB(5)						      BSD File Formats Manual						       BOOTPTAB(5)

bootptab -- Internet Bootstrap Protocol server database DESCRIPTION
The file /etc/bootptab contains a list of host entries used by bootpd (see bootpd(8)) to associate a hardware address with a particular IP address. The bootptab file contains two sections. The two sections are separated by a single line containing just "%%". The first section is ignored. The second section contains host entries, one host per line. The format of the line is: hostname hwtype hwaddr ipaddr bootfile EXAMPLES
Here is an example /etc/bootptab: # # bootptab example # %% # machine entries have the following format: # # hostname hwtype hwaddr ipaddr bootfile client1 1 00:01:02:03:04:05 boot0 client2 1 00:a0:b2:ef:ff:0a boot SEE ALSO
xinetd(8), tftpd(8), netinfo(5), exports(5) Mac OS X September 7, 2006 Mac OS X

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bptojdb(8)						      System Manager's Manual							bptojdb(8)

bptojdb - Converts bootptab entries into permanent, static IP entries for JOIN databases. SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/bptojdb [-m | -f] filename OPTIONS
Create client IDs for Microsoft DHCP clients. Microsoft does not use the client's MAC address by itself as the client identifier. Instead, it prepends a 01 (Ethernet) to the MAC address and changes the hardware type to 0 (generic). If the clients in your bootptab file are Microsoft clients, you will need to use the -m option. Create client IDs for FTP Software's DHCP clients. FTP Software does not use the client's MAC address by itself as the client identifier. Instead, it creates a 16-byte client identifier with the prefix "cid-". If the clients in your bootptab file are FTP Software DHCP clients, you will need to use the -f option. DESCRIPTION
The bptojdb program reads entries in a standard bootptab file and creates permanent, static IP entries for the JOIN databases. After read- ing the bootptab file, bptojdb displays to the standard output entries in a format suitable for the jdbmod utility. Each MAC address in the bootptab file is given a static IP address with a permanent lease. To store the information in the JOIN databases, run jdbmod with the converted data. For example: bptojdb bootptab | jdbmod FILES
Commands: jdbdump(8), jdbmod(8) bptojdb(8)
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