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BrushCmd(3U)						    InterViews Reference Manual 					      BrushCmd(3U)

BrushCmd - command for setting components' brush attribute SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/Commands/brushcmd.h> DESCRIPTION
BrushCmd is a purely interpretive command for setting the brush attribute of selected components. PUBLIC OPERATIONS
BrushCmd(ControlInfo*, PSBrush* = nil) BrushCmd(Editor* = nil, PSBrush* = nil) Create a BrushCmd, optionally specifying the PSBrush that components should adopt. virtual void Execute() BrushCmd extends Execute to set the value of the affected editor's BrushVar instance, if it defines one. PSBrush* GetBrush() Return the PSBrush supplied in the constructor. SEE ALSO
Command(3U), pspaint(3U), statevars(3U) Unidraw 23 January 1991 BrushCmd(3U)

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pspaint(3U)						    InterViews Reference Manual 					       pspaint(3U)

PSBrush, PSColor, PSFont, PSPattern - graphics state objects with added PostScript information SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/Graphic/pspaint.h> DESCRIPTION
PSBrush, PSColor, PSFont, and PSPattern are subclasses of Brush, Color, Font, and Pattern, respectively, that store added information needed to generate idraw-compatible PostScript. Unidraw's structured graphics objects use these subclasses exclusively. PSBRUSH PUBLIC OPERATIONS
PSBrush() PSBrush(int pattern, int width) Create an undefined PSBrush (the parameterless constructor) or one having the specified line pattern and width. Structured graphics having an undefined brush will not render their stroked portions. int GetLinePattern() int Width() Return constructor-specified brush parameters. boolean None() Return true if this is an undefined brush. const int* GetDashPattern() int GetDashPatternSize() int GetDashOffset() Return values required to characterize the brush in PostScript. The equivalent PostScript dash pattern is computed from the brush's line pattern. PSBRUSH PROTECTED OPERATIONS
void CalcDashPat(int) Compute the equivalent PostScript dash pattern from the line pattern specified in the constructor. PSCOLOR PUBLIC OPERATIONS
PSColor( Color_Intensity, Color_Intensity, Color_Intensity, const char* name ) Create a PSColor, supplying color intensity information and a name to associate with the intensities. The name is used solely to generate idraw-compatible PostScript. PSFONT PUBLIC OPERATIONS
PSFont( const char* name, const char* PS_name, const char* PS_size ) Construct a PSFont, supplying the window-system-specified font name and the corresponding PostScript font name and its size. const char* GetName() const char* GetPrintFont() const char* GetPrintSize() const char* GetPrintFontAndSize() Return constructor-supplied parameters. GetPrintFontAndSize returns the concatenation of the PostScript font name and its size, with a space interposed for legibility. int GetLineHt() Return an integer version of the PostScript font's size (as supplied to the constructor). PSPATTERN PUBLIC OPERATIONS
PSPattern() PSPattern(int dither, float graylevel) PSPattern(const int* pattern, int) Create an undefined PSPattern (the parameterless constructor), or one having specific dither and graylevel values, or one that replicates a pattern defined by the given array. Structured graphics having an undefined pattern will not render their filled por- tions. boolean None() Return true if this is an undefined pattern. float GetGrayLevel() Return the graylevel that the pattern approximates, if one was specified in the constructor. const int* GetData() int GetSize() Return the array that defines the replicated pattern and its size, if the pattern was constructed with one. SEE ALSO
idraw(1I), pspaint(3I), and the InterViews 3.1 reference manual Unidraw 2 February 1991 pspaint(3U)
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