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ExtUtils::Command::MM(3pm)				 Perl Programmers Reference Guide				ExtUtils::Command::MM(3pm)

ExtUtils::Command::MM - Commands for the MM's to use in Makefiles SYNOPSIS
perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e "function" "--" arguments... DESCRIPTION
FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY! The interface is not stable. ExtUtils::Command::MM encapsulates code which would otherwise have to be done with large "one" liners. Any $(FOO) used in the examples are make variables, not Perl. test_harness test_harness($verbose, @test_libs); Runs the tests on @ARGV via Test::Harness passing through the $verbose flag. Any @test_libs will be unshifted onto the test's @INC. @test_libs are run in alphabetical order. pod2man pod2man( '--option=value', $podfile1 => $manpage1, $podfile2 => $manpage2, ... ); # or args on @ARGV pod2man() is a function performing most of the duties of the pod2man program. Its arguments are exactly the same as pod2man as of 5.8.0 with the addition of: --perm_rw octal permission to set the resulting manpage to And the removal of: --verbose/-v --help/-h If no arguments are given to pod2man it will read from @ARGV. If Pod::Man is unavailable, this function will warn and return undef. warn_if_old_packlist perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e warn_if_old_packlist <somefile> Displays a warning that an old packlist file was found. Reads the filename from @ARGV. perllocal_install perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e perllocal_install <type> <module name> <key> <value> ... # VMS only, key|value pairs come on STDIN perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e perllocal_install <type> <module name> < <key>|<value> ... Prints a fragment of POD suitable for appending to perllocal.pod. Arguments are read from @ARGV. 'type' is the type of what you're installing. Usually 'Module'. 'module name' is simply the name of your module. (Foo::Bar) Key/value pairs are extra information about the module. Fields include: installed into which directory your module was out into LINKTYPE dynamic or static linking VERSION module version number EXE_FILES any executables installed in a space seperated list uninstall perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" -e uninstall <packlist> A wrapper around ExtUtils::Install::uninstall(). Warns that uninstallation is deprecated and doesn't actually perform the uninstallation. perl v5.16.2 2012-10-11 ExtUtils::Command::MM(3pm)

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ExtUtils::Command(3pm)					 Perl Programmers Reference Guide				    ExtUtils::Command(3pm)

ExtUtils::Command - utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc. SYNOPSIS
perl -MExtUtils::Command -e cat files... > destination perl -MExtUtils::Command -e mv source... destination perl -MExtUtils::Command -e cp source... destination perl -MExtUtils::Command -e touch files... perl -MExtUtils::Command -e rm_f files... perl -MExtUtils::Command -e rm_rf directories... perl -MExtUtils::Command -e mkpath directories... perl -MExtUtils::Command -e eqtime source destination perl -MExtUtils::Command -e test_f file perl -MExtUtils::Command -e test_d directory perl -MExtUtils::Command -e chmod mode files... ... DESCRIPTION
The module is used to replace common UNIX commands. In all cases the functions work from @ARGV rather than taking arguments. This makes them easier to deal with in Makefiles. Call them like this: perl -MExtUtils::Command -e some_command some files to work on and NOT like this: perl -MExtUtils::Command -e 'some_command qw(some files to work on)' For that use Shell::Command. Filenames with * and ? will be glob expanded. FUNCTIONS cat cat file ... Concatenates all files mentioned on command line to STDOUT. eqtime eqtime source destination Sets modified time of destination to that of source. rm_rf rm_rf files or directories ... Removes files and directories - recursively (even if readonly) rm_f rm_f file ... Removes files (even if readonly) touch touch file ... Makes files exist, with current timestamp mv mv source_file destination_file mv source_file source_file destination_dir Moves source to destination. Multiple sources are allowed if destination is an existing directory. Returns true if all moves succeeded, false otherwise. cp cp source_file destination_file cp source_file source_file destination_dir Copies sources to the destination. Multiple sources are allowed if destination is an existing directory. Returns true if all copies succeeded, false otherwise. chmod chmod mode files ... Sets UNIX like permissions 'mode' on all the files. e.g. 0666 mkpath mkpath directory ... Creates directories, including any parent directories. test_f test_f file Tests if a file exists. Exits with 0 if it does, 1 if it does not (ie. shell's idea of true and false). test_d test_d directory Tests if a directory exists. Exits with 0 if it does, 1 if it does not (ie. shell's idea of true and false). dos2unix dos2unix files or dirs ... Converts DOS and OS/2 linefeeds to Unix style recursively. SEE ALSO
Shell::Command which is these same functions but take arguments normally. AUTHOR
Nick Ing-Simmons "" Maintained by Michael G Schwern "" within the ExtUtils-MakeMaker package and, as a separate CPAN package, by Randy Kobes "". perl v5.16.3 2013-03-04 ExtUtils::Command(3pm)
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