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Devel::PPPort(3pm)					 Perl Programmers Reference Guide					Devel::PPPort(3pm)

Devel::PPPort - Perl/Pollution/Portability SYNOPSIS
Devel::PPPort::WriteFile(); # defaults to ./ppport.h Devel::PPPort::WriteFile('someheader.h'); DESCRIPTION
Perl's API has changed over time, gaining new features, new functions, increasing its flexibility, and reducing the impact on the C namespace environment (reduced pollution). The header file written by this module, typically ppport.h, attempts to bring some of the newer Perl API features to older versions of Perl, so that you can worry less about keeping track of old releases, but users can still reap the benefit. "Devel::PPPort" contains a single function, called "WriteFile". Its only purpose is to write the ppport.h C header file. This file contains a series of macros and, if explicitly requested, functions that allow XS modules to be built using older versions of Perl. Currently, Perl versions from 5.003 to 5.11.5 are supported. This module is used by "h2xs" to write the file ppport.h. Why use ppport.h? You should use ppport.h in modern code so that your code will work with the widest range of Perl interpreters possible, without significant additional work. You should attempt older code to fully use ppport.h, because the reduced pollution of newer Perl versions is an important thing. It's so important that the old polluting ways of original Perl modules will not be supported very far into the future, and your module will almost certainly break! By adapting to it now, you'll gain compatibility and a sense of having done the electronic ecology some good. How to use ppport.h Don't direct the users of your module to download "Devel::PPPort". They are most probably no XS writers. Also, don't make ppport.h optional. Rather, just take the most recent copy of ppport.h that you can find (e.g. by generating it with the latest "Devel::PPPort" release from CPAN), copy it into your project, adjust your project to use it, and distribute the header along with your module. Running ppport.h But ppport.h is more than just a C header. It's also a Perl script that can check your source code. It will suggest hints and portability notes, and can even make suggestions on how to change your code. You can run it like any other Perl program: perl ppport.h [options] [files] It also has embedded documentation, so you can use perldoc ppport.h to find out more about how to use it. FUNCTIONS
WriteFile "WriteFile" takes one optional argument. When called with one argument, it expects to be passed a filename. When called with no arguments, it defaults to the filename ppport.h. The function returns a true value if the file was written successfully. Otherwise it returns a false value. COMPATIBILITY
ppport.h supports Perl versions from 5.003 to 5.11.5 in threaded and non-threaded configurations. Provided Perl compatibility API The header file written by this module, typically ppport.h, provides access to the following elements of the Perl API that is not available in older Perl releases: _aMY_CXT _pMY_CXT aMY_CXT aMY_CXT_ aTHX aTHX_ aTHXR aTHXR_ AvFILLp boolSV call_argv call_method call_pv call_sv ckWARN CopFILE CopFILE_set CopFILEAV CopFILEGV CopFILEGV_set CopFILESV CopSTASH CopSTASH_eq CopSTASH_set CopSTASHPV CopSTASHPV_set CopyD CPERLscope dAX dAXMARK DEFSV DEFSV_set dITEMS dMY_CXT dMY_CXT_SV dNOOP dTHR dTHX dTHXa dTHXoa dTHXR dUNDERBAR dVAR dXCPT dXSTARG END_EXTERN_C ERRSV eval_pv eval_sv EXTERN_C G_METHOD get_av get_cv get_cvn_flags get_cvs get_hv get_sv grok_bin grok_hex grok_number GROK_NUMERIC_RADIX grok_numeric_radix grok_oct gv_fetchpvn_flags gv_fetchpvs gv_fetchsv gv_stashpvn gv_stashpvs GvSVn hv_fetchs hv_stores HvNAME_get HvNAMELEN_get IN_LOCALE IN_LOCALE_COMPILETIME IN_LOCALE_RUNTIME IN_PERL_COMPILETIME INT2PTR IS_NUMBER_GREATER_THAN_UV_MAX IS_NUMBER_IN_UV IS_NUMBER_INFINITY IS_NUMBER_NAN IS_NUMBER_NEG IS_NUMBER_NOT_INT isALNUMC isASCII isBLANK isCNTRL isGRAPH isGV_with_GP isPRINT isPSXSPC isPUNCT isXDIGIT IVdf IVSIZE IVTYPE load_module memEQ memEQs memNE memNEs MoveD mPUSHi mPUSHn mPUSHp mPUSHs mPUSHu mXPUSHi mXPUSHn mXPUSHp mXPUSHs mXPUSHu MY_CXT MY_CXT_CLONE MY_CXT_INIT my_snprintf my_sprintf my_strlcat my_strlcpy newCONSTSUB newRV_inc newRV_noinc newSV_type newSVpvn newSVpvn_flags newSVpvn_share newSVpvn_utf8 newSVpvs newSVpvs_flags newSVpvs_share newSVuv Newx Newxc Newxz NOOP NUM2PTR NVef NVff NVgf NVTYPE packWARN PERL_ABS PERL_BCDVERSION PERL_GCC_BRACE_GROUPS_FORBIDDEN PERL_HASH PERL_INT_MAX PERL_INT_MIN PERL_LONG_MAX PERL_LONG_MIN PERL_MAGIC_arylen PERL_MAGIC_backref PERL_MAGIC_bm PERL_MAGIC_collxfrm PERL_MAGIC_dbfile PERL_MAGIC_dbline PERL_MAGIC_defelem PERL_MAGIC_env PERL_MAGIC_envelem PERL_MAGIC_ext PERL_MAGIC_fm PERL_MAGIC_glob PERL_MAGIC_isa PERL_MAGIC_isaelem PERL_MAGIC_mutex PERL_MAGIC_nkeys PERL_MAGIC_overload PERL_MAGIC_overload_elem PERL_MAGIC_overload_table PERL_MAGIC_pos PERL_MAGIC_qr PERL_MAGIC_regdata PERL_MAGIC_regdatum PERL_MAGIC_regex_global PERL_MAGIC_shared PERL_MAGIC_shared_scalar PERL_MAGIC_sig PERL_MAGIC_sigelem PERL_MAGIC_substr PERL_MAGIC_sv PERL_MAGIC_taint PERL_MAGIC_tied PERL_MAGIC_tiedelem PERL_MAGIC_tiedscalar PERL_MAGIC_utf8 PERL_MAGIC_uvar PERL_MAGIC_uvar_elem PERL_MAGIC_vec PERL_MAGIC_vstring PERL_PV_ESCAPE_ALL PERL_PV_ESCAPE_FIRSTCHAR PERL_PV_ESCAPE_NOBACKSLASH PERL_PV_ESCAPE_NOCLEAR PERL_PV_ESCAPE_QUOTE PERL_PV_ESCAPE_RE PERL_PV_ESCAPE_UNI PERL_PV_ESCAPE_UNI_DETECT PERL_PV_PRETTY_DUMP PERL_PV_PRETTY_ELLIPSES PERL_PV_PRETTY_LTGT PERL_PV_PRETTY_NOCLEAR PERL_PV_PRETTY_QUOTE PERL_PV_PRETTY_REGPROP PERL_QUAD_MAX PERL_QUAD_MIN PERL_REVISION PERL_SCAN_ALLOW_UNDERSCORES PERL_SCAN_DISALLOW_PREFIX PERL_SCAN_GREATER_THAN_UV_MAX PERL_SCAN_SILENT_ILLDIGIT PERL_SHORT_MAX PERL_SHORT_MIN PERL_SIGNALS_UNSAFE_FLAG PERL_SUBVERSION PERL_UCHAR_MAX PERL_UCHAR_MIN PERL_UINT_MAX PERL_UINT_MIN PERL_ULONG_MAX PERL_ULONG_MIN PERL_UNUSED_ARG PERL_UNUSED_CONTEXT PERL_UNUSED_DECL PERL_UNUSED_VAR PERL_UQUAD_MAX PERL_UQUAD_MIN PERL_USE_GCC_BRACE_GROUPS PERL_USHORT_MAX PERL_USHORT_MIN PERL_VERSION Perl_warner Perl_warner_nocontext PERLIO_FUNCS_CAST PERLIO_FUNCS_DECL PL_bufend PL_bufptr PL_compiling PL_copline PL_curcop PL_curstash PL_DBsignal PL_DBsingle PL_DBsub PL_DBtrace PL_debstash PL_defgv PL_diehook PL_dirty PL_dowarn PL_errgv PL_error_count PL_expect PL_hexdigit PL_hints PL_in_my PL_in_my_stash PL_laststatval PL_lex_state PL_lex_stuff PL_linestr PL_na PL_no_modify PL_parser PL_perl_destruct_level PL_perldb PL_ppaddr PL_rsfp PL_rsfp_filters PL_signals PL_stack_base PL_stack_sp PL_statcache PL_stdingv PL_Sv PL_sv_arenaroot PL_sv_no PL_sv_undef PL_sv_yes PL_tainted PL_tainting PL_tokenbuf pMY_CXT pMY_CXT_ Poison PoisonFree PoisonNew PoisonWith pTHX pTHX_ PTR2IV PTR2nat PTR2NV PTR2ul PTR2UV PTRV PUSHmortal PUSHu pv_display pv_escape pv_pretty SAVE_DEFSV START_EXTERN_C START_MY_CXT STMT_END STMT_START STR_WITH_LEN sv_2pv_flags sv_2pv_nolen sv_2pvbyte sv_2pvbyte_nolen sv_2uv sv_catpv_mg sv_catpvf_mg sv_catpvf_mg_nocontext sv_catpvn_mg sv_catpvn_nomg sv_catpvs sv_catsv_mg sv_catsv_nomg SV_CONST_RETURN SV_COW_DROP_PV SV_COW_SHARED_HASH_KEYS SV_GMAGIC SV_HAS_TRAILING_NUL SV_IMMEDIATE_UNREF sv_magic_portable SV_MUTABLE_RETURN SV_NOSTEAL sv_pvn_force_flags sv_pvn_nomg sv_setiv_mg sv_setnv_mg sv_setpv_mg sv_setpvf_mg sv_setpvf_mg_nocontext sv_setpvn_mg sv_setpvs sv_setsv_mg sv_setsv_nomg sv_setuv sv_setuv_mg SV_SMAGIC sv_usepvn_mg SV_UTF8_NO_ENCODING sv_uv sv_vcatpvf sv_vcatpvf_mg sv_vsetpvf sv_vsetpvf_mg SVf SVf_UTF8 SVfARG SvGETMAGIC SvIV_nomg SvMAGIC_set SvPV_const SvPV_flags SvPV_flags_const SvPV_flags_const_nolen SvPV_flags_mutable SvPV_force SvPV_force_flags SvPV_force_flags_mutable SvPV_force_flags_nolen SvPV_force_mutable SvPV_force_nolen SvPV_force_nomg SvPV_force_nomg_nolen SvPV_mutable SvPV_nolen SvPV_nolen_const SvPV_nomg SvPV_nomg_const SvPV_nomg_const_nolen SvPV_renew SvPVbyte SvPVX_const SvPVX_mutable SvREFCNT_inc SvREFCNT_inc_NN SvREFCNT_inc_simple SvREFCNT_inc_simple_NN SvREFCNT_inc_simple_void SvREFCNT_inc_simple_void_NN SvREFCNT_inc_void SvREFCNT_inc_void_NN SvRV_set SvSHARED_HASH SvSTASH_set SvUOK SvUV SvUV_nomg SvUV_set SvUVX SvUVx SvUVXx SvVSTRING_mg UNDERBAR UTF8_MAXBYTES UVof UVSIZE UVTYPE UVuf UVXf UVxf vload_module vnewSVpvf WARN_ALL WARN_AMBIGUOUS WARN_ASSERTIONS WARN_BAREWORD WARN_CLOSED WARN_CLOSURE WARN_DEBUGGING WARN_DEPRECATED WARN_DIGIT WARN_EXEC WARN_EXITING WARN_GLOB WARN_INPLACE WARN_INTERNAL WARN_IO WARN_LAYER WARN_MALLOC WARN_MISC WARN_NEWLINE WARN_NUMERIC WARN_ONCE WARN_OVERFLOW WARN_PACK WARN_PARENTHESIS WARN_PIPE WARN_PORTABLE WARN_PRECEDENCE WARN_PRINTF WARN_PROTOTYPE WARN_QW WARN_RECURSION WARN_REDEFINE WARN_REGEXP WARN_RESERVED WARN_SEMICOLON WARN_SEVERE WARN_SIGNAL WARN_SUBSTR WARN_SYNTAX WARN_TAINT WARN_THREADS WARN_UNINITIALIZED WARN_UNOPENED WARN_UNPACK WARN_UNTIE WARN_UTF8 WARN_VOID warner XCPT_CATCH XCPT_RETHROW XCPT_TRY_END XCPT_TRY_START XPUSHmortal XPUSHu XSprePUSH XSPROTO XSRETURN XSRETURN_UV XST_mUV ZeroD Perl API not supported by ppport.h There is still a big part of the API not supported by ppport.h. Either because it doesn't make sense to back-port that part of the API, or simply because it hasn't been implemented yet. Patches welcome! Here's a list of the currently unsupported API, and also the version of Perl below which it is unsupported: perl 5.14.0 BhkDISABLE BhkENABLE BhkENTRY_set MULTICALL PERL_SYS_TERM POP_MULTICALL PUSH_MULTICALL XopDISABLE XopENABLE XopENTRY XopENTRY_set cophh_new_empty my_lstat my_stat ref stashpv_hvname_match perl 5.13.10 foldEQ_utf8_flags is_utf8_xidcont is_utf8_xidfirst perl 5.13.8 foldEQ_latin1 mg_findext parse_arithexpr parse_fullexpr parse_listexpr parse_termexpr sv_unmagicext perl 5.13.7 HvENAME OP_CLASS SvPV_nomg_nolen XopFLAGS amagic_deref_call bytes_cmp_utf8 cop_hints_2hv cop_hints_fetch_pv cop_hints_fetch_pvn cop_hints_fetch_pvs cop_hints_fetch_sv cophh_2hv cophh_copy cophh_delete_pv cophh_delete_pvn cophh_delete_pvs cophh_delete_sv cophh_fetch_pv cophh_fetch_pvn cophh_fetch_pvs cophh_fetch_sv cophh_free cophh_store_pv cophh_store_pvn cophh_store_pvs cophh_store_sv custom_op_register custom_op_xop newFOROP newWHILEOP op_lvalue op_scope parse_barestmt parse_block parse_label perl 5.13.6 LINKLIST SvTRUE_nomg ck_entersub_args_list ck_entersub_args_proto ck_entersub_args_proto_or_list cv_get_call_checker cv_set_call_checker isWORDCHAR lex_stuff_pv mg_free_type newSVpv_share op_append_elem op_append_list op_contextualize op_linklist op_prepend_elem parse_stmtseq rv2cv_op_cv savesharedpvs savesharedsvpv sv_2bool_flags sv_catpv_flags sv_catpv_nomg sv_catpvs_flags sv_catpvs_mg sv_catpvs_nomg sv_cmp_flags sv_cmp_locale_flags sv_collxfrm_flags sv_eq_flags sv_setpvs_mg sv_setref_pvs perl 5.13.5 PL_rpeepp caller_cx isOCTAL lex_stuff_pvs parse_fullstmt perl 5.13.4 XS_APIVERSION_BOOTCHECK perl 5.13.3 blockhook_register croak_no_modify perl 5.13.2 SvNV_nomg find_rundefsv foldEQ foldEQ_locale foldEQ_utf8 hv_fill sv_dec_nomg sv_inc_nomg perl 5.13.1 croak_sv die_sv mess_sv sv_2nv_flags warn_sv perl 5.11.5 sv_pos_u2b_flags perl 5.11.4 prescan_version perl 5.11.2 PL_keyword_plugin lex_bufutf8 lex_discard_to lex_grow_linestr lex_next_chunk lex_peek_unichar lex_read_space lex_read_to lex_read_unichar lex_stuff_pvn lex_stuff_sv lex_unstuff pad_findmy perl 5.11.1 ck_warner ck_warner_d is_utf8_perl_space is_utf8_perl_word is_utf8_posix_digit perl 5.11.0 Gv_AMupdate PL_opfreehook SvOOK_offset av_iter_p fetch_cop_label gv_add_by_type gv_fetchmethod_flags is_ascii_string pregfree2 save_adelete save_aelem_flags save_hdelete save_helem_flags sv_utf8_upgrade_flags_grow perl 5.10.1 HeUTF8 croak_xs_usage mro_get_from_name mro_get_private_data mro_register mro_set_mro mro_set_private_data save_hints save_padsv_and_mortalize save_pushi32ptr save_pushptr save_pushptrptr sv_insert_flags perl 5.10.0 hv_common hv_common_key_len sv_destroyable sys_init sys_init3 sys_term perl 5.9.5 PL_parser Perl_signbit SvRX SvRXOK av_create_and_push av_create_and_unshift_one gv_fetchfile_flags lex_start mro_get_linear_isa mro_method_changed_in my_dirfd pregcomp ptr_table_clear ptr_table_fetch ptr_table_free ptr_table_new ptr_table_split ptr_table_store re_compile re_intuit_start reg_named_buff_all reg_named_buff_exists reg_named_buff_fetch reg_named_buff_firstkey reg_named_buff_nextkey reg_named_buff_scalar regfree_internal savesharedpvn scan_vstring upg_version perl 5.9.4 PerlIO_context_layers gv_name_set hv_copy_hints_hv my_vsnprintf newXS_flags regclass_swash sv_does sv_usepvn_flags perl 5.9.3 av_arylen_p ckwarn ckwarn_d csighandler dMULTICALL doref gv_const_sv hv_eiter_p hv_eiter_set hv_name_set hv_placeholders_get hv_placeholders_p hv_placeholders_set hv_riter_p hv_riter_set is_utf8_string_loclen newGIVENOP newSVhek newWHENOP savepvs sortsv_flags vverify perl 5.9.2 SvPVbyte_force find_rundefsvoffset op_refcnt_lock op_refcnt_unlock savesvpv vnormal perl 5.9.1 hv_clear_placeholders hv_scalar scan_version sv_2iv_flags sv_2uv_flags perl 5.9.0 new_version save_set_svflags vcmp vnumify vstringify perl 5.8.3 SvIsCOW SvIsCOW_shared_hash perl 5.8.1 SvVOK doing_taint find_runcv is_utf8_string_loc packlist save_bool savestack_grow_cnt seed sv_cat_decode sv_compile_2op sv_setpviv sv_setpviv_mg unpackstring perl 5.8.0 hv_iternext_flags hv_store_flags is_utf8_idcont nothreadhook perl 5.7.3 OP_DESC OP_NAME PL_peepp PerlIO_clearerr PerlIO_close PerlIO_eof PerlIO_error PerlIO_fileno PerlIO_fill PerlIO_flush PerlIO_get_base PerlIO_get_bufsiz PerlIO_get_cnt PerlIO_get_ptr PerlIO_read PerlIO_seek PerlIO_set_cnt PerlIO_set_ptrcnt PerlIO_setlinebuf PerlIO_stderr PerlIO_stdin PerlIO_stdout PerlIO_tell PerlIO_unread PerlIO_write SvLOCK SvSHARE SvUNLOCK atfork_lock atfork_unlock custom_op_desc custom_op_name deb debstack debstackptrs gv_fetchmeth_autoload ibcmp_utf8 my_fork my_socketpair pack_cat perl_destruct pv_uni_display save_shared_pvref savesharedpv sortsv sv_copypv sv_magicext sv_nolocking sv_nosharing sv_recode_to_utf8 sv_uni_display to_uni_fold to_uni_lower to_uni_title to_uni_upper to_utf8_case to_utf8_fold to_utf8_lower to_utf8_title to_utf8_upper unpack_str uvchr_to_utf8_flags uvuni_to_utf8_flags vdeb perl 5.7.2 calloc getcwd_sv init_tm malloc mfree mini_mktime my_atof2 my_strftime op_null realloc sv_catpvn_flags sv_catsv_flags sv_setsv_flags sv_utf8_upgrade_flags sv_utf8_upgrade_nomg swash_fetch perl 5.7.1 POPpbytex bytes_from_utf8 despatch_signals do_openn gv_handler is_lvalue_sub my_popen_list save_mortalizesv scan_num sv_force_normal_flags sv_setref_uv sv_unref_flags sv_utf8_upgrade utf8_length utf8_to_uvchr utf8_to_uvuni utf8n_to_uvuni uvuni_to_utf8 perl 5.6.1 SvGAMAGIC apply_attrs_string bytes_to_utf8 gv_efullname4 gv_fullname4 is_utf8_string save_generic_pvref utf16_to_utf8 utf16_to_utf8_reversed utf8_to_bytes perl 5.6.0 PERL_SYS_INIT3 SvIOK_UV SvIOK_notUV SvIOK_only_UV SvPOK_only_UTF8 SvPVbyte_nolen SvPVbytex SvPVbytex_force SvPVutf8 SvPVutf8_force SvPVutf8_nolen SvPVutf8x SvPVutf8x_force SvUOK SvUTF8 SvUTF8_off SvUTF8_on av_delete av_exists call_atexit cast_i32 cast_iv cast_ulong cast_uv do_gv_dump do_gvgv_dump do_hv_dump do_magic_dump do_op_dump do_open9 do_pmop_dump do_sv_dump dump_all dump_eval dump_form dump_indent dump_packsubs dump_sub dump_vindent get_context get_ppaddr gv_dump init_i18nl10n init_i18nl14n is_uni_alnum is_uni_alnum_lc is_uni_alpha is_uni_alpha_lc is_uni_ascii is_uni_ascii_lc is_uni_cntrl is_uni_cntrl_lc is_uni_digit is_uni_digit_lc is_uni_graph is_uni_graph_lc is_uni_idfirst is_uni_idfirst_lc is_uni_lower is_uni_lower_lc is_uni_print is_uni_print_lc is_uni_punct is_uni_punct_lc is_uni_space is_uni_space_lc is_uni_upper is_uni_upper_lc is_uni_xdigit is_uni_xdigit_lc is_utf8_alnum is_utf8_alpha is_utf8_ascii is_utf8_char is_utf8_cntrl is_utf8_digit is_utf8_graph is_utf8_idfirst is_utf8_lower is_utf8_mark is_utf8_print is_utf8_punct is_utf8_space is_utf8_upper is_utf8_xdigit magic_dump mess my_atof my_fflush_all newANONATTRSUB newATTRSUB newXS newXSproto new_collate new_ctype new_numeric op_dump perl_parse pmop_dump re_intuit_string reginitcolors require_pv safesyscalloc safesysfree safesysmalloc safesysrealloc save_I8 save_alloc save_destructor save_destructor_x save_re_context save_vptr scan_bin set_context set_numeric_local set_numeric_radix set_numeric_standard str_to_version sv_2pvutf8 sv_2pvutf8_nolen sv_force_normal sv_len_utf8 sv_pos_b2u sv_pos_u2b sv_pv sv_pvbyte sv_pvbyten sv_pvbyten_force sv_pvutf8 sv_pvutf8n sv_pvutf8n_force sv_rvweaken sv_utf8_decode sv_utf8_downgrade sv_utf8_encode swash_init tmps_grow to_uni_lower_lc to_uni_title_lc to_uni_upper_lc utf8_distance utf8_hop vcroak vform vmess vwarn vwarner perl 5.005_03 POPpx get_vtbl save_generic_svref perl 5.005 PL_modglobal cx_dump debop debprofdump fbm_compile fbm_instr get_op_descs get_op_names init_stacks mg_length mg_size newHVhv new_stackinfo regdump regexec_flags regnext runops_debug runops_standard save_iv save_op screaminstr sv_iv sv_nv sv_peek sv_pvn sv_pvn_nomg sv_true perl 5.004_05 do_binmode save_aelem save_helem perl 5.004 GIMME_V G_VOID HEf_SVKEY HeHASH HeKEY HeKLEN HePV HeSVKEY HeSVKEY_force HeSVKEY_set HeVAL SvSetMagicSV SvSetMagicSV_nosteal SvSetSV_nosteal SvTAINTED SvTAINTED_off SvTAINTED_on block_gimme call_list cv_const_sv delimcpy do_open form gv_autoload4 gv_efullname3 gv_fetchmethod_autoload gv_fullname3 hv_delayfree_ent hv_delete_ent hv_exists_ent hv_fetch_ent hv_free_ent hv_iterkeysv hv_ksplit hv_store_ent ibcmp_locale my_failure_exit my_memcmp my_pclose my_popen newSVpvf rsignal rsignal_state save_I16 save_gp share_hek start_subparse sv_catpvf sv_catpvf_mg sv_cmp_locale sv_derived_from sv_gets sv_magic_portable sv_setpvf sv_setpvf_mg sv_taint sv_tainted sv_untaint sv_vcatpvf sv_vcatpvf_mg sv_vcatpvfn sv_vsetpvf sv_vsetpvf_mg sv_vsetpvfn unsharepvn vnewSVpvf warner BUGS
If you find any bugs, "Devel::PPPort" doesn't seem to build on your system or any of its tests fail, please use the CPAN Request Tracker at <> to create a ticket for the module. AUTHORS
o Version 1.x of Devel::PPPort was written by Kenneth Albanowski. o Version 2.x was ported to the Perl core by Paul Marquess. o Version 3.x was ported back to CPAN by Marcus Holland-Moritz. COPYRIGHT
Version 3.x, Copyright (C) 2004-2010, Marcus Holland-Moritz. Version 2.x, Copyright (C) 2001, Paul Marquess. Version 1.x, Copyright (C) 1999, Kenneth Albanowski. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. SEE ALSO
See h2xs, ppport.h. perl v5.16.2 2013-08-25 Devel::PPPort(3pm)
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