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glutswapbuffers(3glut) [osx man page]

glutSwapBuffers(3GLUT)						       GLUT						    glutSwapBuffers(3GLUT)

glutSwapBuffers - swaps the buffers of the current window if double buffered. SYNTAX
#include <GLUT/glut.h> void glutSwapBuffers(void); DESCRIPTION
Performs a buffer swap on the layer in use for the current window. Specifically, glutSwapBuffers promotes the contents of the back buffer of the layer in use of the current window to become the contents of the front buffer. The contents of the back buffer then become unde- fined. The update typically takes place during the vertical retrace of the monitor, rather than immediately after glutSwapBuffers is called. An implicit glFlush is done by glutSwapBuffers before it returns. Subsequent OpenGL commands can be issued immediately after calling glutSwapBuffers, but are not executed until the buffer exchange is completed. If the layer in use is not double buffered, glutSwapBuffers has no effect. SEE ALSO
glutPostRedisplay, glutDisplayFunc AUTHOR
Mark J. Kilgard ( GLUT
3.7 glutSwapBuffers(3GLUT)

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glutPostRedisplay(3GLUT)					       GLUT						  glutPostRedisplay(3GLUT)

glutPostRedisplay, glutPostWindowRedisplay - marks the current or specified window as needing to be redisplayed. SYNTAX
#include <GLUT/glut.h> void glutPostRedisplay(void); void glutPostWindowRedisplay(int win); DESCRIPTION
glutPostRedisplay marks the normal plane of current window as needing to be redisplayed. glutPostWindowRedisplay works the specified win- dow as needing to be redisplayed. After either call, the next iteration through glutMainLoop, the window's display callback will be called to redisplay the window's normal plane. Multiple calls to glutPostRedisplay before the next display callback opportunity generates only a single redisplay callback. glutPostRedisplay may be called within a window's display or overlay display callback to re-mark that window for redisplay. Logically, normal plane damage notification for a window is treated as a glutPostRedisplay on the damaged window. Unlike damage reported by the window system, glutPostRedisplay will not set to true the normal plane's damaged status (returned by glutLayerGet(GLUT_NORMAL_DAMAGED). If the window you want to post a redisplay on is not already current (and you do not require it to be immediately made current), using glutPostWindowRedisplay is more efficient that calling glutSetWindow to the desired window and then calling glutPostRedisplay. SEE ALSO
glutPostOverlayRedisplay, glutDisplayFunc AUTHOR
Mark J. Kilgard ( GLUT
3.7 glutPostRedisplay(3GLUT)
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