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glunewquadric(3g) [osx man page]


gluNewQuadric - create a quadrics object C SPECIFICATION
GLUquadric* gluNewQuadric( void ) DESCRIPTION
gluNewQuadric creates and returns a pointer to a new quadrics object. This object must be referred to when calling quadrics rendering and control functions. A return value of 0 means that there is not enough memory to allocate the object. SEE ALSO
gluCylinder, gluDeleteQuadric, gluDisk, gluPartialDisk, gluQuadricCallback, gluQuadricDrawStyle, gluQuadricNormals, gluQuadricOrientation, gluQuadricTexture, gluSphere GLUNEWQUADRIC(3G)

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gluQuadricDrawStyle - specify the draw style desired for quadrics C SPECIFICATION
void gluQuadricDrawStyle( GLUquadric* quad, GLenum draw ) PARAMETERS
quad Specifies the quadrics object (created with gluNewQuadric). draw Specifies the desired draw style. Valid values are GLU_FILL, GLU_LINE, GLU_SILHOUETTE, and GLU_POINT. DESCRIPTION
gluQuadricDrawStyle specifies the draw style for quadrics rendered with quad. The legal values are as follows: GLU_FILL Quadrics are rendered with polygon primitives. The polygons are drawn in a counterclockwise fashion with respect to their normals (as defined with gluQuadricOrientation). GLU_LINE Quadrics are rendered as a set of lines. GLU_SILHOUETTE Quadrics are rendered as a set of lines, except that edges separating coplanar faces will not be drawn. GLU_POINT Quadrics are rendered as a set of points. SEE ALSO
gluNewQuadric(3G), gluQuadricNormals(3G), gluQuadricOrientation(3G), gluQuadricTexture(3G) GLUQUADRICDRAWSTYLE(3G)
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