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putpixel(3alleg4) [osx man page]

putpixel(3alleg4)						  Allegro manual						 putpixel(3alleg4)

putpixel - Writes a pixel into a bitmap. Allegro game programming library. SYNOPSIS
#include <allegro.h> void putpixel(BITMAP *bmp, int x, int y, int color); DESCRIPTION
Writes a pixel to the specified position in the bitmap, using the current drawing mode and the bitmap's clipping rectangle. Example: putpixel(screen, 10, 30, some_color); SEE ALSO
getpixel(3alleg4), _putpixel(3alleg4), drawing_mode(3alleg4), makecol(3alleg4), ex12bit(3alleg4), exalpha(3alleg4), exflame(3alleg4), exjoy(3alleg4), exstars(3alleg4), exswitch(3alleg4) Allegro version 4.4.2 putpixel(3alleg4)
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