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URI::Split(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     URI::Split(3)

URI::Split - Parse and compose URI strings SYNOPSIS
use URI::Split qw(uri_split uri_join); ($scheme, $auth, $path, $query, $frag) = uri_split($uri); $uri = uri_join($scheme, $auth, $path, $query, $frag); DESCRIPTION
Provides functions to parse and compose URI strings. The following functions are provided: ($scheme, $auth, $path, $query, $frag) = uri_split($uri) Breaks up a URI string into its component parts. An "undef" value is returned for those parts that are not present. The $path part is always present (but can be the empty string) and is thus never returned as "undef". No sensible value is returned if this function is called in a scalar context. $uri = uri_join($scheme, $auth, $path, $query, $frag) Puts together a URI string from its parts. Missing parts are signaled by passing "undef" for the corresponding argument. Minimal escaping is applied to parts that contain reserved chars that would confuse a parser. For instance, any occurrence of '?' or '#' in $path is always escaped, as it would otherwise be parsed back as a query or fragment. SEE ALSO
Copyright 2003, Gisle Aas This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.16.2 2012-02-11 URI::Split(3)

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URI::URL(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					       URI::URL(3)

URI::URL - Uniform Resource Locators SYNOPSIS
$u1 = URI::URL->new($str, $base); $u2 = $u1->abs; DESCRIPTION
This module is provided for backwards compatibility with modules that depend on the interface provided by the "URI::URL" class that used to be distributed with the libwww-perl library. The following differences exist compared to the "URI" class interface: o The URI::URL module exports the url() function as an alternate constructor interface. o The constructor takes an optional $base argument. The "URI::URL" class is a subclass of "URI::WithBase". o The URI::URL->newlocal class method is the same as URI::file->new_abs. o URI::URL::strict(1) o $url->print_on method o $url->crack method o $url->full_path: same as ($uri->abs_path || "/") o $url->netloc: same as $uri->authority o $url->epath, $url->equery: same as $uri->path, $uri->query o $url->path and $url->query pass unescaped strings. o $url->path_components: same as $uri->path_segments (if you don't consider path segment parameters) o $url->params and $url->eparams methods o $url->base method. See URI::WithBase. o $url->abs and $url->rel have an optional $base argument. See URI::WithBase. o $url->frag: same as $uri->fragment o $url->keywords: same as $uri->query_keywords o $url->localpath and friends map to $uri->file. o $url->address and $url->encoded822addr: same as $uri->to for mailto URI o $url->groupart method for news URI o $url->article: same as $uri->message SEE ALSO
Copyright 1998-2000 Gisle Aas. perl v5.18.2 2012-02-11 URI::URL(3)
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