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svn::wc(3) [osx man page]

native::Wc(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     native::Wc(3)

SVN::Wc - Subversion working copy functions SYNOPSIS
Incomplete OBJECTS
svn_wc_status_t $wcstat->entry() A svn_wc_entry_t object for the item. Can be undef if not under version control. $wcstat->text_status() An integer representing the status of the item's text. Can be one of the $SVN::Wc::Status::* constants. $wcstat->prop_status() An integer representing the status of the item's properties. Can be one of the $SVN::Wc::Status::* constants. $wcstat->locked() A boolean telling if the item is locked. A directory can be locked if a working copy update was interrupted. $wcstat->copied() A boolean telling if the item was copied. A file or directory can be copied if it's scheduled for addition-with-history (or part of a subtree that is scheduled as such). $wcstat->switched() A boolean telling if the item was switched. A file or directory can be switched if the switch command has been used. $wcstat->repos_text_status() An integer representing the status of the item's text in the repository. Can be one of the $SVN::Wc::Status::* constants. $wcstat->repos_prop_status() An integer representing the status of the item's properties in the repository. Can be one of the $SVN::Wc::Status::* constants. svn_wc_entry_t $wcent->name() Entry's name. $wcent->revision() Base revision. $wcent->url() URL in repository. $wcent->repos() Canonical repository URL. $wcent->uuid() Repository uuid. $wcent->kind() The kind of node. One of the following constants: $SVN::Node::none, $SVN::Node::file, $SVN::Node::dir, $SVN::Node::unknown. $wcent->schedule() Scheduling. One of the SVN::Wc::Schedule::* constants. $wcent->copied() In a copied state. $wcent->deleted() Deleted, but parent rev lags behind. $wcent->absent() Absent -- we know an entry of this name exists, but that's all (usually this happens because of authz restrictions) $wcent->incomplete() For THIS_DIR entry, implies whole entries file is incomplete. $wcent->copyfrom_url() Copyfrom location. $wcent->copyfrom_rev() Copyfrom revision. $wcent->conflict_old() Old version of conflicted file. $wcent->conflict_new() New version of conflicted file. $wcent->conflict_wrk() Working version of conflicted file. $wcent->prejfile() Property reject file. $wcent->text_time() Last up-to-date time for text contents (0 means no information available). $wcent->prop_time() Last up-to-date time for properties (0 means no information available). $wcent->checksum() Base-64 encoded checksum for the untranslated text base file, can be undef for backwards compatibility. $wcent->cmt_rev() Last revision this was changed. $wcent->cmt_date() Last date this was changed. $wcent->cmt_author() Last commit author of this item. CONSTANTS
SVN::Wc::Notify::Action $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::add Adding a path to revision control. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::copy Copying a versioned path. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::delete Deleting a versioned path. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::restore Restoring a missing path from the pristine text-base. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::revert Reverting a modified path. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::failed_revert A revert operation has failed. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::resolved Resolving a conflict. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::skip Skipping a path. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::update_delete Got a delete in an update. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::update_add Got an add in an update. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::update_update Got any other action in an update. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::update_completed The last notification in an update (including updates of externals). $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::update_external Updating an external module. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::status_completed The last notification in a status (including status on externals). $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::status_external Running status on an external module. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::commit_modified Committing a modification. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::commit_added Committing an addition. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::commit_deleted Committing a deletion. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::commit_replaced Committing a replacement. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::commit_postfix_txdelta Transmitting post-fix text-delta data for a file. $SVN::Wc::Notify::Action::blame_revision Processed a single revision's blame. SVN::Wc::Notify::State $SVN::Wc::Notify::State::unknown Notifier doesn't know or isn't saying. $SVN::Wc::Notify::State::unchanged The state did not change. $SVN::Wc::Notify::State::missing The item wasn't present. $SVN::Wc::Notify::State::obstructed An unversioned item obstructed work. $SVN::Wc::Notify::State::changed Pristine state was modified. $SVN::Wc::Notify::State::merged Modified state had mods merged in. $SVN::Wc::Notify::State::conflicted Modified state got conflicting mods. SVN::Wc::Schedule $SVN::Wc::Schedule::normal Nothing special here. $SVN::Wc::Schedule::add Slated for addition. $SVN::Wc::Schedule::delete Slated for deletion. $SVN::Wc::Schedule::replace Slated for replacement (delete + add) SVN::Wc::Status $SVN::Wc::Status::none Does not exist. $SVN::Wc::Status::unversioned Is not a versioned node in this working copy. $SVN::Wc::Status::normal Exists, but uninteresting. $SVN::Wc::Status::added Is scheduled for addition. $SVN::Wc::Status::missing Under version control but missing. $SVN::Wc::Status::deleted Scheduled for deletion. $SVN::Wc::Status::replaced Was deleted and then re-added. $SVN::Wc::Status::modified Text or props have been modified. $SVN::Wc::Status::merged Local mods received repos mods. $SVN::Wc::Status::conflicted Local mods received conflicting mods. $SVN::Wc::Status::ignored A node marked as ignored. $SVN::Wc::Status::obstructed An unversioned resource is in the way of the versioned resource. $SVN::Wc::Status::external An unversioned path populated by an svn:externals property. $SVN::Wc::Status::incomplete A directory doesn't contain a complete entries list. perl v5.10.0 2007-11-05 native::Wc(3)
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