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native::Repos(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					  native::Repos(3)

SVN::Repos - Subversion repository functions SYNOPSIS
use SVN::Core; use SVN::Repos; use SVN::Fs; my $repos = SVN::Repos::open('/path/to/repos'); print $repos->fs()->youngest_rev; DESCRIPTION
SVN::Repos wraps the object-oriented "svn_repos_t" functions, providing access to a Subversion repository on the local filesystem. CONSTRUCTORS SVN::Repos::open($path) This function opens an existing repository, and returns an "SVN::Repos" object. create($path, undef, undef, $config, $fs_config) This function creates a new repository, and returns an "SVN::Repos" object. METHODS $repos->dump_fs($dump_fh, $feedback_fh, $start_rev, $end_rev, $incremental, $cancel_func, $cancel_baton) $repos->dump_fs2($dump_fh, $feedback_fh, $start_rev, $end_rev, $incremental, $deltify, $cancel_func, $cancel_baton) Create a dump file of the repository from revision $start_rev to $end_rev , store it into the filehandle $dump_fh, and write feedback on the progress of the operation to filehandle $feedback_fh. If $incremental is TRUE, the first revision dumped will be a diff against the previous revision (usually it looks like a full dump of the tree). If $use_deltas is TRUE, output only node properties which have changed relative to the previous contents, and output text contents as svndiff data against the previous contents. Regardless of how this flag is set, the first revision of a non-incremental dump will be done with full plain text. A dump with @a use_deltas set cannot be loaded by Subversion 1.0.x. According to svn_repos.h, the $cancel_func is a function that is called periodically and given $cancel_baton as a parameter to determine whether the client wishes to cancel the dump. You must supply "undef" at the very least. Example: use SVN::Core; use SVN::Repos; my $repos = SVN::Repos::open ('/repo/sandbox'); open my $fh, ">/tmp/tmp.dump" or die "Cannot open file: $! "; my $start_rev = 10; my $end_rev = 20; my $incremental = 1; my $deltify = 1; $repos->dump_fs2($fh, *STDOUT, # Dump file => $fh, Feedback => STDOUT $start_rev, $end_rev, # Revision Range $incremental, $deltify, # Options undef, undef); # Cancel Function close $fh; $repos->load_fs($dumpfile_fh, $feedback_fh, $uuid_action, $parent_dir, $cancel_func, $cancel_baton); $repos->load_fs2($dumpfile_fh, $feedback_fh, $uuid_action, $parent_dir, $use_pre_commit_hook, $use_post_commit_hook, $cancel_func, $cancel_baton); Loads a dumpfile specified by the $dumpfile_fh filehandle into the repository. If the dumpstream contains copy history that is unavailable in the repository, an error will be thrown. The repository's UUID will be updated iff the dumpstream contains a UUID and $uuid_action is not equal to $SVN::Repos::load_uuid_ignore and either the repository contains no revisions or $uuid_action is equal to $SVN::Repos::load_uuid_force. If the dumpstream contains no UUID, then $uuid_action is ignored and the repository UUID is not touched. If $parent_dir is not null, then the parser will reparent all the loaded nodes, from root to @a parent_dir. The directory $parent_dir must be an existing directory in the repository. If $use_pre_commit_hook is set, call the repository's pre-commit hook before committing each loaded revision. If $use_post_commit_hook is set, call the repository's post-commit hook after committing each loaded revision. If $cancel_func is not NULL, it is called periodically with $cancel_baton as argument to see if the client wishes to cancel the load. You must at least provide undef for these parameters for the method call to work. Example: use SVN::Core; use SVN::Repos; my $repos = SVN::Repos::open ('/repo/test_repo'); open my $fh, "/repo/sandbox.dump" or die "Cannot open file: $! "; my $parent_dir = '/'; my $use_pre_commit_hook = 0; my $use_post_commit_hook = 0; $repos->load_fs2($fh, *STDOUT, $SVN::Repos::load_uuid_ignore, # Ignore uuid $parent_dir, $use_pre_commit_hook, # Use pre-commit hook? $use_post_commit_hook, # Use post-commit hook? undef, undef); close $fh; $repos->fs() Returns the "SVN::Fs" object for this repository. $repos->get_logs([$path, ...], $start, $end, $discover_changed_paths, $strict_node_history, $receiver) Iterates over all the revisions that affect the list of paths passed as the first parameter, starting at $start, and ending at $end. $receiver is called for each change. The arguments to $receiver are: $self The "SVN::Repos" object. $paths "undef" if $discover_changed_paths is false. Otherwise, contains a hash of paths that have changed in this revision. $rev The revision this change occured in. $date The date and time the revision occured. $msg The log message associated with this revision. $pool An "SVN::Pool" object which may be used in the function. If $strict_node_history is true then copies will not be traversed. ADDITIONAL METHODS The following methods work, but are not currently documented in this file. Please consult the svn_repos.h section in the Subversion API for more details. $repos->get_commit_editor(...) $repos->get_commit_editor2(...) $repos->path(...) $repos->db_env(...) $repos->lock_dir(...) $repos->db_lockfile(...) $repos->hook_dir(...) $repos->start_commit_hook(...) $repos->pre_commit_hook(...) $repos->post_commit_hook(...) $repos->pre_revprop_change(...) $repos->post_revprop_change(...) $repos->dated_revision(...) $repos->fs_commit_txn(...) $repos->fs_being_txn_for_commit(...) $repos->fs_being_txn_for_update(...) $repos->fs_change_rev_prop(...) $repos->node_editor(...) $repos->dump_fs(...) $repos->load_fs(...) $repos->get_fs_build_parser(...) AUTHORS
Chia-liang Kao <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2003-2006 CollabNet. All rights reserved. This software is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which you should have received as part of this distribution. The terms are also available at If newer versions of this license are posted there, you may use a newer version instead, at your option. This software consists of voluntary contributions made by many individuals. For exact contribution history, see the revision history and logs, available at perl v5.10.0 2008-03-17 native::Repos(3)
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