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SVK::Merge::Info(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				       SVK::Merge::Info(3)

SVK::Merge::Info - Container for merge ticket information SYNOPSIS
use SVK::Merge::Info; my $minfo = SVK::Merge::Info->new( $svk_merge_property ); DESCRIPTION
An "SVK::Merge::Info" object represents a collection of merge tickets, including repository UUID, path and revision. CONSTRUCTORS
new Takes a single argument with the value of an "svk:merge" property. METHODS
add_target Add a single SVK::Target::Universal or SVK::Path to the collection of merge tickets. del_target Remove a single SVK::Target::Universal or SVK::Path from the collection of merge tickets. remove_duplicated Takes a single SVK::Merge::Info object as an argument. Removes merge tickets which are present in the argument and for which the argument's revision is less than or equal to our revision. subset_of Takes a single SVK::Merge::Info object as an argument. Returns true if our set of merge tickets is a subset of the argument's merge tickets. Otherwise, returns false. is_equal Takes a single SVK::Merge::Info object as an argument. Returns true if our set of merge tickets is equal to argument's. Otherwise, returns false. union Return a new SVK::Merge::Info object representing the union of ourself and the SVK::Merge::Info object given as the argument. resolve verbatim as_string Serializes this collection of merge tickets in a form suitable for storing as an svk:merge property. TODO
Document the merge and ticket tracking mechanism. SEE ALSO
SVK::Editor::Merge, SVK::Command::Merge, Star-merge from GNU Arch perl v5.10.0 2008-08-04 SVK::Merge::Info(3)

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SVK::Command::Info(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				     SVK::Command::Info(3)

SVK::Command::Info - Display information about a file or directory SYNOPSIS
-R [--recursive] : descend recursively DESCRIPTION
For example, here's the way to display the info of a checkout path: % svk info ~/dev/svk Checkout Path: /Users/gugod/dev/svk Depot Path: //svk/local Revision: 447 Last Changed Rev.: 447 Last Changed Date: 2006-11-28 Copied From: /svk/trunk, Rev. 434 Merged From: /svk/trunk, Rev. 445 You can see the result has some basic information: the actual depot path, and current revision. Next are advanced information about copy and merge source for this depot path. The result of "svk info //svk/local" is almost the same as above, except for the "Checkout Path:" line is not there, because you are not referring to a checkout path. Note that the revision numbers on "Copied From:" and "Merged From:" lines are for the source path (//svk/trunk), not the target path (//svk/local). The example above state that, //svk/local is copied from the revision 434 of //svk/trunk, and //svk/local was merged from the revision 445 of //svk/trunk. Hence if you do a "svk log -r 434 //svk/local", svk would tell you that //svk/local does not exist at revision 434. So far there is no easy way to tell the actual revision number of //svk/local right after a copy or merge. If the target is a depot path, or the corresponding depot path of the target checkout path is actually a mirroring path, the output of this command will look like this: % svk info //svk/trunk Depot Path: //svk/trunk Revision: 447 Last Changed Rev.: 445 Mirrored From: svn://, Rev. 1744 So you can see this depot path is mirrored from a remote repository, and so far mirrored up to revision 1744. perl v5.10.0 2008-08-04 SVK::Command::Info(3)
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