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svk::editor::merge(3) [osx man page]

SVK::Editor::Merge(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				     SVK::Editor::Merge(3)

SVK::Editor::Merge - An editor that does merges for the storage editor SYNOPSIS
$editor = SVK::Editor::Merge->new ( anchor => $anchor, base_anchor => $base_anchor, base_root => $fs->revision_root ($arg{fromrev}), target => $target, storage => $storage_editor, %cb, ); DESCRIPTION
Given the base root and callbacks for local tree, SVK::Editor::Merge forwards the incoming editor calls to the storage editor for modifying the local tree, and merges the tree delta and text delta transparently. PARAMETERS
options for base and target tree anchor The anchor of the target tree. target The target path component of the target tree. base_anchor The anchor of the base tree. base_root The root object of the base tree. storage The editor that will receive the merged callbacks. allow_conflicts Close the editor instead of abort when there are conflicts. open_nonexist open the directory even if cb_exist failed. This is for use in conjunction with SVK::Editor::Rename for the case that a descendent exists but its parent does not. inspector The inspector reflecting the target of the merge. callbacks for local tree Since the merger needs to have information about the local tree, some callbacks must be supplied. cb_rev Check the revision of the given path. cb_conflict When a conflict is detected called with path and conflict type as argument. At this point type can be either 'node' or 'prop'. cb_prop_merged Called when properties are merged without changes, that is, the "g" status. cb_merged Called right before closing the target with changes flag, node type and ticket. cb_closed Called after each file close call. BUGS
Tree merge still very primitive, have to handle lots of cases perl v5.10.0 2008-08-04 SVK::Editor::Merge(3)

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SVK::Path(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					      SVK::Path(3)

SVK::Path - SVK path class SYNOPSIS
The class represents a node in svk depot. root Returns the root representing the file system of the revision at the anchor. Give optional pool (null to use default), otherwise use the internal root of the path object. Be careful if you are using the root object but not keeping the path object. same_repos Returns true if all @other targets are from the same repository as this one. same_source Returns true if all @other targets are mirrored from the same source is_mirrored Returns the mirror object if the path is mirrored. Returns additional path component if used in array context. normalize Normalize the revision to the last changed one. as_depotpath Makes target depotpath. Takes $revision number optionally. path Returns the full path of the target even if anchorified. descend Makes target descend into $entry universal Returns corresponding SVK::Target::Universal object. depotpath Returns depotpath of the target copy_ancestors Returns a list of "(path, rev)" pairs, which are ancestors of the current node. nearest_copy(root, path, [pool]) given a root object (or a target) and a path, returns the revision root where it's ancestor is from another path, and ancestor's root and path. related_to Check if $self is related to another target. copied_from ($want_mirror) Return the nearest copy target that still exists. If $want_mirror is true, only return one that was mirrored from somewhere. $self->seek_to($revision) Return the "SVK::Path" object that $self is at $revision. Note that we don't have forward tracing, so if <$revision is greater than "$self-"revision>, a "SVK::Path" at <$revision> will be returned. In other words, assuming "foo@N" for "-r N foo@M" when N > M. as_url($local_only, [ $path, $rev ]) Returns (url, revision) pair. node_id () Returns the node id of this path object. SEE ALSO
SVK::Path::Checkout perl v5.10.0 2008-08-04 SVK::Path(3)
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