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svk::command::update(3) [osx man page]

SVK::Command::Update(3) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   SVK::Command::Update(3)

SVK::Command::Update - Bring changes from repository to checkout copies SYNOPSIS
update [PATH...] OPTIONS
-r [--revision] REV : act on revision REV instead of the head revision -N [--non-recursive] : do not descend recursively -C [--check-only] : try operation but make no changes -s [--sync] : synchronize mirrored sources before update -m [--merge] : smerge from copied sources before update -q [--quiet] : print as little as possible DESCRIPTION
Synchronize checkout copies to revision given by -r or to HEAD revision by default. For each updated item a line will start with a character reporting the action taken. These characters have the following meaning: A Added D Deleted U Updated C Conflict G Merged g Merged without actual change A character in the first column signifies an update to the actual file, while updates to the file's props are shown in the second column. If both "--sync" and "--merge" are specified, like in "svk up -sm", it will first synchronize the mirrored copy source path, and then smerge from it. perl v5.10.0 2008-08-04 SVK::Command::Update(3)

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SVK::Command::Merge(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				    SVK::Command::Merge(3)

SVK::Command::Merge - Apply differences between two sources SYNOPSIS
merge -r N:M DEPOTPATH [PATH] merge -r N:M DEPOTPATH1 DEPOTPATH2 merge -r N:M [--to|--from] [PATH] OPTIONS
-r [--revision] N:M : act on revisions between N and M -c [--change] N : act on change N (between revisions N-1 and N) using -N reverses the changes made in revision N -I [--incremental] : apply each change individually -a [--auto] : merge from the previous merge point -l [--log] : use logs of merged revisions as commit message -s [--sync] : synchronize mirrored sources before operation -t [--to] : merge to the specified path -f [--from] : merge from the specified path --summary : display related logs in this merge --verbatim : verbatim merge log without indents and header --no-ticket : do not record this merge point --track-rename : track changes made to renamed node -m [--message] MESSAGE : specify commit message MESSAGE -F [--file] FILENAME : read commit message from FILENAME --template : use the specified message as the template to edit --encoding ENC : treat -m/-F value as being in charset encoding ENC -P [--patch] NAME : instead of commit, save this change as a patch -S [--sign] : sign this change -C [--check-only] : try operation but make no changes --direct : commit directly even if the path is mirrored perl v5.10.0 2008-08-04 SVK::Command::Merge(3)
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