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pthread_condattr(3) [osx man page]

PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 				       PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)

pthread_condattr_destroy, pthread_condattr_init -- condition attribute operations SYNOPSIS
#include <pthread.h> int pthread_condattr_destroy(pthread_condattr_t *attr); int pthread_condattr_init(pthread_condattr_t *attr); DESCRIPTION
Condition attribute objects are used to specify parameters to pthread_cond_init(). FreeBSD's implementation of conditions does not support any non-default attributes, so these functions are not very useful, though they are required to to be present by POSIX. The pthread_condattr_init() function initializes a condition attribute object with the default attributes. The pthread_condattr_destroy() function destroys a condition attribute object. RETURN VALUES
If successful, these functions return 0. Otherwise, an error number is returned to indicate the error. ERRORS
pthread_condattr_destroy() will fail if: [EINVAL] Invalid value for attr. pthread_condattr_init() will fail if: [ENOMEM] Out of memory. SEE ALSO
pthread_cond_init(3) STANDARDS
pthread_condattr_init() and pthread_condattr_destroy() conform to ISO/IEC 9945-1:1996 (``POSIX.1'') BSD
April 28, 2000 BSD

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PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)					     Library Functions Manual					       PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)

pthread_condattr_init, pthread_condattr_destroy - condition creation attributes SYNOPSIS
#include <pthread.h> int pthread_condattr_init(pthread_condattr_t *attr); int pthread_condattr_destroy(pthread_condattr_t *attr); DESCRIPTION
Condition attributes can be specified at condition creation time, by passing a condition attribute object as second argument to pthread_cond_init(3). Passing NULL is equivalent to passing a condition attribute object with all attributes set to their default values. The LinuxThreads implementation supports no attributes for conditions. The functions on condition attributes are included only for compli- ance with the POSIX standard. pthread_condattr_init initializes the condition attribute object attr and fills it with default values for the attributes. pthread_con- dattr_destroy destroys a condition attribute object, which must not be reused until it is reinitialized. Both functions do nothing in the LinuxThreads implementation. RETURN VALUE
pthread_condattr_init and pthread_condattr_destroy always return 0. AUTHOR
Xavier Leroy <> SEE ALSO
pthread_cond_init(3). LinuxThreads PTHREAD_CONDATTR(3)
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